How can we make KOTH better?

Now that Team Deathmatch is going to be 4v4s with only solo/duo queues, can we give King of The Hill the same treatment? Everyone’s tired of unbalanced 5 stacking and quitters. I feel like this is the best way to improve the gamemode, since the maps aren’t designed very well for it. Anyone else have another idea on how to make KOTH better?


Gears 5 maps are huge lol, 4v4 would just exacerbate this issue.

I imagine having no mode where a group of friends could play in Ranked would be a bad move right?


You’re not wrong bro. I just personally feel like 5 stacks should be limited to legit competitive modes like Gridiron and Escalation. And since KOTH matches are always focused on the one area of the map where the ring is at the time, I can’t see these maps causing problems with their sizes. It’s not like other modes where people will spread out across the whole map. Since you don’t like the 4v4 idea, do you have any ideas that could improve KOTH?

I just feel like TC is ruining the WHOLE ranked experience. They are going to force good players into casual lists because they are telling us, without saying it, that we need to squad up consistently to make consistent gains.


Exactly!!! Been playing a lot more quickplay recently. It’s too much of a pain trying to work my way up the ranks while solo queuing. These guys think they’re gods because they grinded a few hours with a 5 stack to reach Masters


The same Escalation that was removed from Ranked altogether? Yeah…

Well the first thing they could do is to improve the ranking system, even the new change they’re doing is kinda dumb in my opinion. The ranking system needs to reward teams that stomp the other one, give you SOMETHING for winning one round, maybe decrease amount of expected breaks to 5 and then it would be fair much better.

Aside from ranking system it just needs consistent spawn times, then it would be much fairer because right now you can wipe the enemy team then like 3 seconds later they just dogpile the hill :roll_eyes:

Speaking more about Escalation I think that it was sort of a great mode that no one asked for, Gears already (still has) a really popular objective mode in KOTH, so the two cannot coincide in any real way without tugging back and forth the same userbase. They should consider just merging the two and be done with it in my opinion. They saw zero issues with replacing Execution (a gametype that was in Gears since launch day circa 2006) so why should they care about KOTH? This is all coming from a KOTH fan mind you.

No matter what anybody says TC does listen, everything they are planning (what is coming to the dev playlist) is evidence of this… I have been very uninterested in Ranked since OP4 has begun simply because its still Preseason and I knew they’d be planning changes here and there, I will be playing the crap out of the dev playlist and if I like what I see I will go onto another journey to get Masters :smiling_imp:

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4v4? Thank god i get to diamond solo without stacks… Stacks are for weaklings

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Same. Then stopped. Not worth the effort

You sure? Cuz I remember a few months back you saying you didn’t have a stack cuz all your friends left Gears…and that you were forced to play solo…

I appreciate the constructive feedback. Can’t argue a single thing you said. :+1:t2:

Lmao i dont need a stack now that they changed the game

I’d think to make king better would be to have spawns at spawn. No close spawns or far spawns.

Just have spawns at 1 set spawn. Maybe flip but that’s it.

Too many teams beat me just because they know anchor & close spawn.

Also maybe only 3 rotations for each map. Center Middle. Left middle. Right middle.

& leave spawns at spawn point.

That’s just my thoughts. Maybe some won’t like this but hate close spawns & stuff. Really ruins the game for me. Should just simplify the rings to 3 locations like all fathers with no surprise spawns or anchors.

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That’s a great idea, center line rings and no random spawns would balance it nicely

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YES!!! I’ve been saying this for awhile now ( TC, please reduce the amount of rings in Koth )You don’t need spawns that give teams an unfair advantage. This is why Allfathers works so well. All rings are equidistant from spawn.


Yup most of the hills that aren’t on the center line of the map are usually the annoying ones that are too easily defended and too hard to break, and yeah rotations to these hills will always be a mess. Random respawn timers definitely don’t help either. Love the idea of center line hills. KOTH has had the same formula for too long It’s time to switch it up!!!

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Seems like a good idea, but in practrice… I can see players camping at the spawn point and lock the enemy team in there. Even with the respawn protection, 2 or 3 players with a lancer is enough to abuse this. Specially when most of the maps have no covers or consist of long corridors to move away from the initial spawn.

Idk it works fine ok maps that implement it.

Maybe increase the spawn protection to protect from this.

I also think 75 point hills are too long. If they were more like 50 and they removed Overtime, it would be less brutal when teams get an unfair positional advantage and it’s nearly impossible to break hills. That would give teams more chances to rotate and break setups.