How Can The Coalition Justify Charging Us For Gear Packs We Already Own In Gears 4 Again?

We all know the multiplayer game-play will be the exact same, by my calculations 90% of player skins and weapon skins will be the exact same, so how does TC plan on making money if we all own these skins in Gears 4? Do you really expect us to pay 10 dollars to unlock General Raam or Anthony Carmine again? Every skin and character pack should transfer to Gears 5.


I reckon we will see the successor to “Black Steel”.

Maybe White Steel, or something along those lines.

I’m not expecting a massive effort on TCs behalf but they will come out with something different no doubt.

If they are lazy still, potentially re-designed Black Steel re-releases.

Either way, it’s not compulsory and there has been a fair amount of Credit options.

I wish there was more for scrap.

I have over 102,000 with nothing to spend it on :-1:

I wish there were ways to earn or craft scrap lol


Haha I have over 500k and have been sitting on it for months. Even if I still played the game, there was nothing I wanted to spend them on.

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You have my permission to roundhouse me if they don’t.

Yeah, over 400,000 Cr and 102,000 Scrap with nothing to get :persevere:

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Wait…you don’t play Gears???

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There won’t be much more support so you will be sitting on a lot more in the next few months

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I can always setup those lovely Private Matches :ok_hand:

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Not to be a donkey, but what are your calculations based off of? Just the way TC seems to be in general or is there a bit of an inside scoop about this?

From the teaser it seems they will be fairly different - I didn’t even recognize who JD was now that he’s all fat and beardy.

I’m sure they will have some of the same ones but depending on the engine and game itself, I would assume they’d at the very least be re-skinned to new models.

I think there are three scenarios here with a bit of preamble first.

TC has only developed 4 games. (I’m not counting ‘Relic Rescue’ because it’s a Facebook game from 2011 that I’ve never heard of… Microsoft Flight really shouldn’t be in the mix either since it was cancelled but… ehh)

Then MS tossed Gears in their lap.
TC pulled off Gears UE as a way to learn how the game worked. A reverse engineering job, if you will. It makes sense - the base game was already created so now redo it. Suck all that knowledge up.

Then TC popped out Gears 4. This was the amalgamation of the knowledge they gained from putting together UE and their own creative decisions. Obviously, as we all know, Gears 4 is not exactly Super Mario World in the perfection department… but it’s step 2 in the learning process.

The final step is Gears 5. This is where TC has to prove themselves because they’ve had the training wheels, they’ve ridden the mountain bike, and now they have to get on the motorcycle. Given the issues 4 has had, I firmly believe it is ride or die for them on Gears 5.

So, back to the three scenarios:

Scenario 1
TC does a sub-par job on creativity, gets lazy and just performs a pretty lackluster remake of Gears 4 with a new story progression. They take the feedback from the community over the last year or two and resolve a lot of the problems. Servers are stabilized, bugs are fixed, etc. They end up re-using a lot of assets from Gears 4 with some new lipstick. A stable version of Gears 4 with a new paint job and new story with a sticker that says Gears of War 5 ($59.99).

I think a lot of people would be happy with this. I think more people wouldn’t be. Just seems like really expensive DLC to me at that point.

Scenario 2
TC smashes it out of the park. They progressively learned over the last two titles and have taken all the data and analyzed it. They’ve lurked the community and know where the pain points are. They know what bugs exist that cannot be fixed at this point in 4 and have planned ahead to avoid them in 5. They see what gameplay issues and flow they need to amend. They’ve taken their server issues seriously and got a damn good senior network engy on the team to nail it down. Revised their rank system in a way that is more transparent for players to understand. They’ve thought of exciting game modes to compliment a brilliant story they will tell in the campaign. After all of this, they certainly don’t get lazy with the weapon selections or the skins. Many classics will re-appear and some new ones will pay homage to past popular favorites. This is Gears of War 5, it’s like nothing we’ve played before in the series and it’s all garnered from the first two stepping stones. This is where they stand alone and prove their worth as a developer - not as an HD remake artist or as a reverse engineered game developer with some creative spin. Gears 5 will be theirs and theirs alone. It’s their chance to shine.

Scenario 3

“Buenos tardes, amigo”


Send that ■■■■ my way lmao

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If only :sweat_smile:

Scenario 1 seems to be the most likely situation to occur IMO. Scenario 2 is a pipe dream. I won’t be surprised if Gears 5 ends up becoming scenario 3 though.

I might have poured on a certain amount of optimism in my post but I pretty much think the same thing. What they should be doing and what they are doing could be very different things lol. We’ll have to see

They should do an incentive if you collected characters to maybe get them earlier, but I don’t hope we get everything at the start, I just hope there’s progression like there used to be. Gears 3 was the perfect game altogether, amazing story, Multiplayer was fun/competitive, Horde was actually fun and not the only good source for in game currency. I think TC should reflect on Gears 3 for 5 for inspiration on how to improve the game. Judging all of the feedback since Gears 4 came out, I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Yeah I agree. Especially if they are exclusive (e.g.: Vintage JD or Vintage Kait) or Black Steel characters.

I’m not suggesting that all the BS characters are transferred over (although that would be awesome) but some acknowledgement and thank you to fans who have sunk a considerable amount of extra money into the game, would be nice.

My suggestion was that exclusive versions of certain characters be made available to those who have purchase the eSports packs. Let’s say there were 5 of these exclusive versions of characters - let’s say (new versions of) Vintage JD, Kait, Del, Marcus and Fahz. If you’ve purchased 1-5 packs you get Del, if you’ve purchased 6-10 you get Del and Fahz, if you’ve purchased 11-15 you get Del, Fahz and JD etc etc.

Yeah, I know it’s not likely to transfer them all but perhaps they could allow each player to choose one exclusive character to transfer over, I wouldn’t be too bothered if they didn’t but it would be a nice thing to do. I just hope with Gears 5 we actually have a huge variety of characters to play as from all of the games from the start.

One thing I have always said a lot is they could put the characters base game variant to be unlocked via challenges/ levelling up and you unlock their other variants such as Vintage, V-Day/ E-Day through packs.

But not having to wait a year or so to play as your preferred variant. It’s annoying waiting months to play as your favourite character but it doesn’t get released( mines Gears 3 Dom :confused: I know there’s a zombie variant but doesn’t feel the same.)

Well we don’t need2 if they make completely new skins instead. Lots of them. Personally I don’t care. If they make a good Horde in the next game I will buy whatever beautiful skins they make.

Totally agree I’ve spent close to 1000$ on characters and skins and am really wondering should I have bought esupporter13 with gears 5 being right around the corner . I made a post about the maps that they should put all gears 4 maps into play just the way they are and work on the other maps or new maps and that got me thinking about the characters and weapons skins as well especially when people spend as much money as I have on this one game.

Do FIFA players carry over every 12 months?