How can I possibly lose points here?

So, in this game, our team (locust) won 2-1, I got half of my 15 kills in round two, yet I LOST points and gained points in the other two :man_shrugging:t2:

What the hell is going on???

How many times did you die?

what happened in the 2nd round for you? Seems like you took noise dive in 2nd round while team members held it on the 2nd round and you did better in 3rd round


How many in the 2nd round?

If you lose the round and you arent in the top 1 or 2 on your team for the round you lose points.

The ranking system is inconsistent. Good news…it’s getting a major overhaul. Bad news…it’s going to take time.

Fixed. :blush:


Second round I got 7 kills and died twice. Got two ‘on the double’ banners and managed to lose all those points?

I’ve played six games since the update and lost points in every one, causing me to go down a tier.

Complete BS!!!

Haha, probably true.

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It’s been overhauled before and it made no difference :man_shrugging:t2:

No, this is a major overhaul. Like an entirely new ranking system that will make players feel rewarded. They talked about it in the stream.

They’re ditching the current system. It’s going to take months.

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It’s a disaster. I’m by no means an amazing player, but I’ve gone from sliver 2 down to bronze 2 and can’t even get close to going back up, regardless of how well I play.

I honestly dont like the changes they are proposing. I like the ranking system the way it is.


Its laser beam accurate, but i get its a hard pill to swallow for some lol.

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Sure thing bruh. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I do agree that it has been better and pretty much know exactly what I need to do each match to go up.

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I have a bigger issue with the matchmaking than the ranking system. I think the team point based skill matching is horrible.

couldn’t be more fixed than that @III_Essence

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