How can I level up to diamond 5 ? (it is easier in season 4)?

I do everything, kill, capture, less deaths but my rank still the same…

Fastest way to rank up:

Play Solo

Keep Winning

Get MVP and Smooth Operator Consistently


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Thanks bro!

You welcome bro :+1:

Just keep winning…MVP means nothing in Ranked…it’s all about victories

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I know being placed at the top of the team / MVP gets you better gains, as does Smooth Operator.

Those two ribbons have a lot of weight to them.

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Not as much as you think…TC said it all comes down to wins…people here always say they get mvp a few times with a lot of kills and little deaths and they lose the game and lose rank…It’s all based on what the computer thinks…it calculates if you should beat a team or not…Obviously a win against a team that you are calculated to lose too will boost your rank

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They do have weight to them IF you’re on the winning team.

If you’re on the losing team then theyll probably help you not derank as much.

It’s all about the team. Individual performance is second.

Think of it like this. A win gets your foot in the door to a possible rank promotion. Your individual performance dictates what that promotion is.

A loss puts you in the negative. Your individual performance dictates how much you go down. Best case scenario is you stay put.

Other factors like your rank and their rank are considered, but you really don’t have any control over those going into the match.

Just my conclusion based on observations and personal experience.

I think if you read my original reply again, I did that order specifically.

The fastest way to rank is that way.

Having MVP and Smoother Operator does help you rank up faster in my experience WHEN you get a Win too.

I have very rarely got MVP and lost the match and gone up 1-2%.

Normally losing and MVP causes a loss in % but not at as much as if you didn’t get MVP and lose, then it can be a substantial drop.

But the best way to rank up is:

Play Solo

Beat Higher Ranked Players / Win Matches you were expect to lose due to higher players on on other team

Get MVP and Smooth Operator

This combination leads to the best way to gain the most %


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