How can i install gears 5 on pc without the 'ultra HD pack'?

So i installed the ‘ultra HD pack’ for gears 5 and since then , i can not play gears 5 anymore.
gears 5 stays loading all the time afther pressing start.
there are a few threaths about this issue, none with a clear solution.
The ‘devs’ clearly don’t know what there doing and don’t care about their community if they have problems regarding their game.
I installed re-installed gears 5 3-times today afther deleting it. so thats 4 times.
now i look to install gears 5 without the ‘ultra HD pack’ since every time you re-install the game it automaticly installs that ‘ultra HD pack’ what clearly f***ed up my gears 5 in a state i can not play it anymore.
Is there a way i can install gears 5 without that ‘ultra HD pack’?
please help, please step by step.
thank you to the community who wants to help.
A few ‘bad words’ to the devs who ain’t doing anything about this since the problem is more about 1 full year old !!!

Please contact support for this issue

Thank you :slight_smile: