How can I get help with map questions

How do we know what maps we are going to be playing each season

This might help.

Don’t know if they updated this or even if this is still accurate. Its the only thing I could find about the maps. @Ektope or @GhostofDelta2 might be able to shed some light on though.

It’s not updated and it’s not accurate


Last update was around july 2017 and its easy to notice since not even all maps are displayed.

As for map rotation it seems a RNG system is in effect, TC has stated they can no longer manually define the way maps rotate. Look for posts about Horde Map Rotation and you’ll see what I mean.

I assumed as much but it was only relevent thing about maps to show up. Honestly there was probably something else but I just missed it. Thanks for clearing that up anyway.

Every map is supposedly in rotation and the map appearance is based on probability.

Other than that, dont think there has been any update to rotation


I would believe that all Maps are in rotation for Versus.
Otherwise, the Achievement ‘Tour De Force’ wouldn’t be possible.