How can I get a refund for iron spent?

I found the Totem area after seeing that I am unlocking stuff for one while I never set anything. I press and hold A while choosing the COG Gear while looking away, only to see that it skipped me to another screen and started a bar progression to unlock the COG Gear for the iron I had for free.

I have never made a purchase for anything for this game and never planned to, so I don’t know if that’s normal, but come on. I can’t think of any other market place that works that way. I really don’t care for the COG Gear either, especially when I can unlock it for free anyways.

So can I have the 500 Iron refunded and the character re-locked? Thanks in advance.

Im gonna say its not gonna happen. Theres a process to buy something and you went through it, Also you will not get a response here. Your best bet is to use the Gears 5 support page or tweet TC

Thanks for the response. It’s annoying yet minor since I didn’t lose actual money, just the free iron that they gave me, but still. Really did not expect that.

They were pretty good with refunds in Gears 4 when people acidentally bought packs, they should be able to help.