How can escape be better?

I just want to see what everyone thinks the mode needs to be a little more entertaining and a lot less repetitive.

Personally I think we should have some side objectives. Maybe rescuing a bot COG gear from a pod where in we encounter a boss like a warden and then escort the Gear to the exit. In game characters have lines that can be used for this as whenever a player dies and respawns in a pod the character will request to find them. I can see they’re already toying with this by trying to give player something else to do from time to time like the Vents and Medical Bays but I feel like these optional objectives have a little more potential to be something cool.


One idea I had was spawning all 3 players in different areas and then the players would need to meet up at the first Decon room then take on the second half of the map together.

Add new environments/tiles. The maps all look the same!

The medical bay should work with iron man on. It makes no sense to disable it.

If you fail with iron man on there should be a “Restart Hive” option. Why make us sit through more load screens?

I also think having weapon skin rewards was great in previous operations and would like to see this return.

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The snatcher intro cutscene isn’t necessary. Removing it from custom lobbies especially would be nice.


They should definitely bring back weapon skins as rewards.

Iron man should be moved to the end of the modifiers list to be honest. I agree that it should just give you a restart hive/horde option too what on Gods green earth made them think that players would be fine with getting kicked back to a lobby.

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I really like this idea. Seems like it’ll be a challenge on Master.

Thanks! Hopefully if they do this they can tweak the bots a little bit to where it plays more strategically. Maybe even have the bot listen to you if you use the call outs like “fallback” or “regroup”

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Who doesn’t love escort-missions in vidya?

You choose your character.
You face against the Snatcher.
You get caught by the Snatcher.
You are inside the Hive.
You then try to escape the pod.
You can’t escape the pod.
You became a juvie.
So your job is to kill as much COG as you can.
During the game you evolve into an Imago and then a Drone.


I think the mode was very successful ultimately, so if they just decide to expand on what we have now (going forward with Gears 6 even) I wouldn’t be surprised, but I personally think the concept is a bit off.

  1. It needs to have more story/narrative in it, even if its just notes/collectibles or what have you, it would be dope if it simply had more narrative in it, would increase emotional depth a lot more. Cutscenes aren’t necessary but could be great if done right.

  2. Instead of it just being something you “escape” from, why not make it more like a journey that you are going towards? Even in the context of Escape this would be far cooler than the other way around, so that ending with the chopper would be some place actually neat and something fans would want to explore.

  3. Less Escapes. Because TC have been churning out Escapes left and right we now have like 20 or so of them IIRC, this is bad simply because it leads to more saturation and each Escape isn’t given the proper :heart: it deserves, so they should create a new Hive once a month instead of biweekly, not only would this put less strain on them to keep constantly making more Escapes (which would give them time to make other stuff) but it would make the overall experience better because Escapes would feel more unique.

They could also make it like in Gears 1 where you can issue squad orders (attack, cease fire and regroup) to them so they do what you would like them to do.

Someone has another thread about weapons theys should bring back…

I saw the Boomshield listed and thought that itd be great in escape. Picture someone using it as cover or something while lahni or Emile swing around and uses their upgraded melees to take out guys safely. Idk, an idea. Maybe too much of an advantage though.

For real though, ALL THE LOADING!
-Countdown to start game
-snatcher scene
-then the loading screen
-then the wake up scene

2 minutes later maybe can play??


First and foremost, remove the pointless snatcher cutscene…I’ve spent more time watching that and the loading screen than I have playing the campaign at this point.

But also:

  • “competitive” Hives. Pair with another group of 3 that will be visible like racing ghosts. They have the same hive as you and cannot interact with you. Race to the finish/best score.

  • alternative endings. Why is every hive built on the side of a snowy mountain? Can’t we get some varying views at the exit, escape via mules or armadillo and not always a chopper, or just have a hive where the mission is like halo reach; ”survive”. Just see how long you can go with ever increasing enemies and more mutators added the longer you survive (yeah I know, it’s basically horde at that point).

  • “Boss” rooms. I know the swarmak is coming up, but I enjoy knowing that there is a primary obstacle/enemy, much like in Ice Queen. Rooms filled with various fodder do not provide the same feeling of threat or impending doom the same as knowing you are about to run into a Matriarch, Swarmak, Snatcher, etc.

  • Bonus pickups. This would be similar to the challenges every few waves in GoW4 horde but catered to escape. You find it like cog tags in a store room and it would include a challenge with it that upon completion could grant you ammo, relic weapons, ultimate cooldown, or maybe an extra Skill effect (like bleed, shock, or burn)


larger maps, more weapons and ammo, random objectives, one more player
bosses, better rewards

Turn Escape into the next Campaign.
So you can be whatever characters you want.
Maybe in this case keep the Hero System.
You can collect more information about the world.
You can fight bosses and sub bosses.

They are indeed going to add new things, some of them which you are probably not expecting. :wink:


- Scions can have Clayton’s Ultimate.- Enemies can have a gatekeeper role, meaning you have to kill them in order to proceed.- Fabricators, which allow you to chose between two weapons.- Turrets (these are actually game-changing due to the mass of enemies in the hive they appear).- Flame and Shock Juvies.- Hive can be foggy.

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Really? When did this come up?

They’ll be present in the 5 upcoming hives in this operation.

Oh wow, that’s great!

Please no escort missions. The idea is solid but the technology can’t keep up with it. Bots are too dumb. Maybe like a bounty system from 4? Kill X amount of enemies with headshots or executions, that sort of thing? Or maybe sealing off another part of the hive so the venom doesn’t leak outside?

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