How buying skins and unlocking characters work?

So you have to unlock new incoming characters with the Totum or buying it correct.

So what happens when TC inevitably drops character skins for characters you haven’t unlocked. Do you have to buy the skin and also the character to play them in verses? Or will the character unlock once you buy the skin?

Does anyone know the answer to this?

TC said that you have to unlock the character before you can use the skin. This was from a dev stream a few weeks ago. They used Baird as an example. So if they release Armored Baird as the “character” and you buy Lab Coat Baird you have to unlock the Armored version before you can use your Lab Coat Baird


Uhhh another form of BS game design. This might even effect their sales causing less incentive to buy the skins if they dont have the character unlocked.

Why not have the price of the skin and a higher price if the character isnt owned and unlocks the character with the purchase. Who knows but hey they are experts right?

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It would be the opposite and increase sales no?

Someone comes along and buys a skin without realising they need the base character, they want to play as the skin so they are forced to buy the base to play it ASAP… most people won’t buy the skin then go grind out the base character, TC get an extra sale.

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Only if your foolish enough to put your hand in your pocket for these muppets.

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It unlocks if you actually buy it.