How bout we get that fancy full-armor Gears 5 Kait in Gears 4, too?

JD and Del got proper COG armor alts and they look great, not fair to leave out the third main character.

Nah I think it will look weird in 4. In Gear’s 5 it looks alright since they appear to look much older than they are in Gears 4

Gears 5 Del and JD Armour ain’t the same as Gears 4, I would think.
I mean, it might look similar but Del has hat and JD had make over, with arm thing.
I gotta admit Kait’s Armour was pretty cool, but it can wait till Gears 5.
I heard Outer Wilds Kait would be from Gears 5, so that might be worth something.