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How big of an advantage do people who play claw have?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #21

If you’re liking it, forget claw. Tourney defeats the need for claw. If you want to get into reaction shots and such, HeartAttack5 is tournament player who uploads tutorial videos taking you through movements like that step by step. You can search him on YouTube. He’s a cool guy that taught me a lot of Gears movement.


Ok thanks for all your help man! I appreciate it👍

(J4CKA1) #23

What exactly is a reaction shot?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #24

Shooting in a different direction than you’re moving, while working off of cover. The outward reaction shot is one were you (for example) up-A around a corner but instead of the shot going in front of you, you turn your right stick so it goes off to the side where the enemy is. Really helpful for people who roadie strafe and like to confuse the enemy with odd angles.

Inward reaction is where you boost off the edge of a short cover, and shoot the guy sitting on the other side of the cover, even though you’re continuing to run straight past and not into him.

These won’t make a lot of sense until you watch a tutorial on them. They are generally finisher shots so you don’t go looking for these. You just take them when they present themselves, if you can’t get a more reliable angle. I only see people using them in Onyx 3 and up lobbies.

(J4CKA1) #25

I’ll have to search the youtubes. I’ll probably not use this, but shooting a different direction than you’re running sounds interesting.

(Omen LP) #26

Battle Beaver Customs , and the buttons which replace the paddles :wink: (as discussed in that other thread)

I just sent them my second Elite. After playing with the one they did for me in Dec I realized the button placement I chose could be improved for my fingers, so the left buttons will be adjusted slightly, position wise. The right ones work fine…

(I use bottom right for cover, top right for roadie/roll, bottom left for taccom, and top left I am still experimenting with, currently switch to pistol. My left bumper is switch to shotgun)…

(iDuskk) #27

Claw means you use your index finger to press the XYAB buttons on your controller, so your thumb never has to leave the right stick.

(ll R E D l) #28

A few days late to the party but thanks