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How big of an advantage do people who play claw have?


Or is there actually an advantage at all? I’m pretty solidified in my control use, so I don’t plan on trying to learn how to play claw, but i’m am curious as to how superior (if at all) it is to traditional controller use.

(ll R E D l) #2

I’m curious to know what does claw mean?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #3

IF you’re using advanced movement like reaction shots, it’s a big advantage because you can shoot in a different direction than you’re moving. Clip people at angles you can’t otherwise hit without exposing your character to being hit more easily. You can literally shoot someone behind you while you are running away.

That doesn’t mean thumbs will necessarily hold you back. One of the very best pro players, Speedy, plays thumbs.
The vast majority play claw though so that should tell you something. Again, it’s only helpful if you’re using that higher level movement though.

(mike yaworski) #4

Overall it’s just a slight advantage IMO. Some of the best pro players (Rezik and Speedy for example) don’t claw. I believe Ess Phenomz doesn’t claw either and he has some of the most advanced movement in the game (only watched a couple of his vids though).

Obviously the benefit of claw is that you can control your analog sticks while roadie running, wallbouncing, rolling, up-Aing, meleeing, etc. So it makes some fancy shots (like reaction shots) and spammy movement easier. But those types of things really aren’t important in terms of being “good”. They’re just fancy for the most part, with a hint of usefulness every so often.

And the other thing is that you can still do all that fancy and complicated stuff with just thumbs (no claw). When I used to use a controller, I would play thumbs and just use part of my thumb to press A and part of it to still control the right stick. They’re really close together so it’s only a small adjustment.

But yeah I mean if you see someone bouncing really fast down an alley on some map, you won’t be able to replicate it as easily if you don’t claw (or use paddles or some other equivalent). But bouncing around like that is just fun stuff, not a practical advantage.


  • not much of an advantage
  • claw makes fancy stuff easier, but still doable without claw (pros, montagers, and myself are examples)
  • fancy stuff doesn’t really give you an advantage over non-fancy people

(Gyroscopic Jim) #5

Not a straight forward answer because there are several factors involved, Most utube clips of really fast claw bouncing are performed by long slender fingers. My fingers are short and fat. I cant claw comfortably using the standard button layout. I think the issue, keeping both thumbs on the sticks, is advantagous but there are other control schemes to achieve this without playing claw. Dutchy explains the issue in one of his tutorials.

(GB6 Kazuya) #6

@mike_yaworski covered it in his post’s second paragraph so there’s no need for me to elaborate but personally I switch back and forth between claw and normal, it all depends on the situation.

It’s useful if used right, constant crazy inaccurate movement for show can be fatal though.

(J4CKA1) #7

Or instead of holding the controller like a crazy person, you can just switch control schemes…

(GB6 Kazuya) #8

It must be difficult to use any controller scheme with Jackal paws…



Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Jackal!

(DLCarr17) #10

they definitely do have an advantage because they don’t need to move their fingers from the sticks to the A button to bounce however there are plenty of people who still use standard and do just fine.

I use paddles which gives me the same advantage as the claw because my hands don’t function that way. lol


Lol, I tried it once or twice, and I was like “nope, not for me. I’m ok with not being a pro player😂”

(ll R E D l) #12

What the hell is claw???


I like keeping you in the dark🤣

Ok so it’s a way you can hold the controller where you use your middle finger for the right trigger, and use your index finder for your A, B, X and Y buttons, meaning that you never have to move your thumb off of the right joystick

(ll R E D l) #14


:joy::joy::joy::joy: thanks for keeping me in the dark


Oh my pleasure!

(Me0wMix CatFood) #16

I think paddles are superior, or they would be if the elite controller had better quality mechanisms. The ones they currently use are not as responsive as buttons and they get worse and the metal indents the plastic receptors. Regardless, my hands do much better with paddles.

David, give claw a shot and try doing reaction shots in a private lobby with bots. Once you can reaction shot, you’ll be able to decide if it feels empowering enough that you want to change your setup, or you might decide you don’t play like that and are fine on thumbs.

(DLCarr17) #17

Agree paddles all the way :+1:


Ok i’ll give it a try!
What is the recommended control scheme? I use Tournament-Alt right now

(Me0wMix CatFood) #19

If you’re using tourney right now (left bumper to slide?) then I don’t see a big advantage. Claw mainly benefits situations where the thumb is pulling double duty. The purpose is to free up the thumb so it can control the camera without being interrupted by button presses.


Ok yeah. I switched from the default several months back at the recommendation of a friend.
I apologize, I should have stated what scheme I was using.