How bad are the re up rewards?! & seriously 2.0 being stuck at 98%

According to the stats page, I should be done. It shows all hives mastered, all classes at 20, and the only 4 horde maps missing from regular are showing as done in frenzy. So I should be done.

Probably just a map didn’t count and it did when you did it on 50. I haven’t Mastered every map on either mode but I have Mastered every map combining the modes.

Possibly, I’ve had to re-do Turbine on 50 waves as well because it didn’t count. Therefore I specifically checked the stats also after I finished all Frenzies and after restarting the game again, still everything was checked off as Mastered.

I think I would make sure all maps are Mastered in one mode (12 or 50) as I’m not sure it would look across the different modes, although it did in Seriously 1.0. But that was definitely an either or, I’m not sure 2.0 is the same as originally the requirement seemed to be for both 12 and 50. It may just want you to Master all maps in one mode or the other.

Otherwise it seems you’re down for doing them all again as a process of elimination!

Re-up rewards are bad? What? I can’t believe what I am reading. The re-up reward for 52 is just awesome. I mean, just look at it. I seriously can not wait to use it in all modes. I’ve waited a long time for this tag.

For Real now: That is the shi**est reward for a re-up and who ever had the idea of adding it to the rewards, even if its a joke, should never be allowed to make decisions on re-up rewards ever again.

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I will assume that pun was very much intended!

What’s probably even worse is that there will be some players (likely PVP) who will be peeing their pants in excitement and anticipation at using said re-up reward in a game. When the rest of us normal beings will consign it to the trash can where it belongs never to be seen again.

When op8 dropped i was at 97% for chapter 2, did the 3 new maps for horde.
Went to 99%, my chapter 2 didnt unlock till i loaded the game on thursday due to all the server nonsense on the previous days.

I only had reup60 and chapter 2 left to unlock after the night op8 dropped as everything else either retro unlocked or unlocked that night as and when achievement requirements were met.

I am now a free elf😉

Looks worse in game.

Theres also king shi# to look forward to,:disappointed_relieved:

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The re up rewards are shocking even after that little update they did.

Bloodsprays, banners and marks are laughably lazy fillers for hard grind when there should be more unique characters and weapon sets that make people envious and want to grind.

The whole heroic white characters are shocking as well, look absolutely awful to me. Only good “heroic” is the crystal weapon set which should’ve clearly been re up rewards.

Only thing I could possibly have cared about for these Reup rewards is the Kait skin. The weapons are ok-ish but I’d have found them more deserving of a spot in the Tour if anything. Not even gonna talk about the rest, I have largely ignored the marks and bloodsprays in Gears 5 and never used them.

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Don’t forget banners. I can’t remember the last time I looked at my marks, bloodsprays, or banners, much less changed any of them.

And honestly, I find the hypocrisy of TC’s stance on the content in some of the most popular marks, bloodsprays, emotes (visual and voiced) sad. TC has no problem with a bloodspray giving the middle finger to anyone killed by the person using it, or having the “reeling the bird” emote to display to all other players in the match when that person gets MVP. Yet, if someone types it in the in-game chat and someone else gets a screenshot, TC may ban the person for typing it. Heck, I could probably get banned if I referred to them as the “____ You” bloodspray and emote. And don’t get me started on the ability to spam a voiced emote that is synonyms for ‘very unintelligent donkey’, again, I’d probably get a ban for literally typing out what TC is fine with having characters in-game say over and over.

I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to add bloodsprays, marks, and emote in the first place, but whoever thought of adding the offensive ones really should have thought about it more before suggesting them.

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I just re upped my 24th time and got a ■■■■■■■ Bolton skin

The reason is obvious. It is filler content. TC did this with the Lootbox system and they will continue to do it with the Season Pass system. Welcome to modern gaming where the decent rewards are few and far between but here is a million different stickers which noone pays attention to.

The offensive ones are great because it reminds us that TC continue to foster a toxic community while being “shocked” when said community says some really awful **** in the in-game chat.


Yup. That’s what I’m talking about. Nail, meet hammer.