How bad are the re up rewards?! & seriously 2.0 being stuck at 98%

From what I’ve seen on Twitter an my reup alone. They are awful. It’s honestly not worth grinding like that. In gears you got coin an packs with a bunch of content in it. It’s honestly like they don’t care an are not even trying any more.
Then I have seriously 2.0 stuck at 98% when I have everything done. I have all my classes at lvl 20 but at the bottom of the classes box is says 19 completed…any one else?
This game has done nothing but gone down hill since the day it came out.

Also I have all the syndrome skins except 1 the Lancer bc it came out at the very end of an 8hr stream. But I click the box an it won’t register. I email them it’s been 3 weeks n nothing. I have 230days played an a ton of money into this game an can’t get 1 skin. Niice job

Reload the game and check that you have mastered every map and hive.

Greatly disagree

I have restarted n I do my man.

One map may not have counted, might have to do process of elimination and do them again, good thing is doing just wave 50 counts.

Do you need both horde an horde frenzy done?

no just one or the other contrary to what the achievement says

Ok cool thanks​:+1::raised_hands:

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In my case only the 50 ones counted but I’ve heard others where Frenzies were enough. That’s all I can say on my side.

Restart of the game is mandatory after reaching all requirements.

EDIT: Apparently not always…

Yes. This is painful for us UK players as the Lancer has always came out around 3am/4am.

I’m in the same position as quite simply I got too tired.

That’s interesting.

I was at 94% and suspected that the 6% was 6 Hives I’d need to re-do. I did them and it popped immediately, I didn’t have to restart the game.

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First example I have heard of not needing to restart.


Lol, i got a Golden Pile Of Crap mark as reup 52 (i think) reward and that just made me laugh… Yeah, it is suitable and approproate.

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I’m stuck at 98% too.

I am past re-up 50, got the A Real Gear achievement.
I completed Incon campaign pre-OP8, got That’s Inconceivable! achievement.
I mastered all hives pre-OP8, including The Hive-Past Hive.
I had all classes maxed pre-OP8, except four. I wanted to be able to knock out at least 1 per set post-OP8 just in case there was a bug and would not retroactively check, so Blademaster, Nomad, Robotics Expert, and Architect had a combined total of less than 3,000 CXP needed.
Then there’s the horde maps…

When the OP8 achievement list was posted, I had 13 regular and 28 frenzy maps left to do. I knocked a ton of frenzy out pre-OP8, but mostly ones I already did regular on. then found out it was regular or frenzy. Which should have changed my number to 8 maps and 4 classes from 19 to 20 when OP8 launched. My S5.2 started at 89%.

The evening that OP8 launched, I knocked out the last 4 classes, the 3 new maps, and 1 old map. S5.2 progress went to 91% and was stuck there while all the tracking issues were going on. When Shauny posted the tracking was fixed, my S5.2 progressed to 92%. At this point I should have been down to just 4 maps needed. But one of the old maps I did after OP8 launched was not showing I completed on Master in-game or the page.

Yesterday I decided to grind out the remaining maps and re-do ones I did since OP8 launched. Started with one still missing and re-did a new map, closed game, restarted console, relaunched game, S5.2 progress moved to 93%. Re-did the other 2 new maps, re-did the reboot process, moved it to 94%. Did another missing, and re-did the one that stats didn’t show, re-did the reboot process, and stuck at 94% still. Did last 2 I was still missing, re-did reboot process, S5.2 jumpped up to 98%. Went through every class, using it to kick leeches, except Jack of course. Re-did 3 maps I’m 99.999% sure I completed pre-OP8, just to be safe. Re-did reboot process again, still no movement on S5.2.

Only thing I can think of at this point is to redo the 5 maps I knocked out between July 30 and Aug 2, pre-OP8. All 5 show as done in-game and on stats web page. I’m not holding much hope out though, since that would only help if the tracking was messed up before the update and OP8 launched. Uggg

If you recall I re-did the final 6 Hives with @Ultra_Gnasty and @RelaxingKoty and as soon as the final Hive was completed the achievement popped.

The other interesting thing was that the percentage was increasing each time I completed a Hive.

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In my experience the online Gears stats page is more reliable than the in game stats.

I thought I’d mastered all the Hives but when I checked the online stats one of them was still showing as Incon, so I redid that one. I also had 6 Hives showing as Difficulty: Mastered, Mastered Runs: 0. So I redid those and it popped.

So it’s worth looking closely at the online gears stats page and double-checking that all the Hives and Maps you need all show Difficulty: Master, Mastered Runs: 1 (or at least 1).

The other strange thing was the new maps. I mastered Ritual, Atrium and Turbine (the 3 maps I needed) and the online stats and in-game stats still show them as not having been Mastered, yet the achievement still popped!

I’ve since re-done Atrium and it now shows as Mastered, but not the other two—Turbine and Ritual:


So the game sucks because you don’t have a syndrome lancer?


You only need to master All Frenzy, Hive & All Classes Lv 20 as I don’t have master all maps in horde 50 (27/35)

The Re-Up rewards are terrible. I don’t think I have seen anyone using the Re-Up sets except Ascendant which is a worse version of Venom and Team Crystal. I haven’t seen any of the new stuff ingame just on the rewards page. The banner looks cool to bad no one will see it if your primary mode is Horde or Escape.

I am on 99% but I still have to get to Re-Up 50 so hopefully the achievement pops. The promos must be less than a percent as it was 99 before and after doing the last two promos yesterday.

The game hasn’t gone down hill. Op 1 was a disaster which didn’t even work for a large amount of players.

I’ve Mastered all Frenzies before I’ve done the remaining 50s and it did not pop for me. I’m just mentioning my example. I had to do the 50s and then it popped for me.

maybe…it’s different version?not sure if steam version has better tracking on achievements