How are the Versus footstep audio cues?

We all know that g4 footsteps were inaudible, hows it sound in G5?
Thanks in advance

Seeing how no one’s answered this, I’d say that personally they are reasonably audible. But given that I seem to have overly sensitive hearing I wouldn’t rely on my experience too much.

Not a fan. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s the cartoonish sound. Or the fact that not only can you hear everyone, but they can hear you too. It’s just a bit over the top for me. They’re unrealistically loud now.

Oddly enough I was one of the few who never had an issue hearing enemies in GOW4. There were the occasional times I didn’t notice, but 9/10 times I heard people coming up behind me and was proud of it.

They should “nerf” it a bit in G5. But certainly not the biggest issue of the game. I can live with it.