How are the drop rates for you guys?

I spent 86k of credits to get everything for the lambet skins…I got a good amount of dupes for the character skins…2 Drone 3 Grenadier and 7 Grenadier elites and quite a few weapon skins and fillers …roughly 35 2000 credit packs and 40 400 credit packs

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All three characters in 22,000 credits :+1:

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I got everything I wanted in 41k. I bought 30k worth of 2000cr packs and 11k worth of 400cr. I got all three characters, all the lambent skins, and 9/14 imulsion skins (got it on Lancer/Gnasher/Snub). After 31k, I spent another 10k just to get the Lancer.

Also spent 37k on my alt account and got the same sort of deal. I got the same stuff except for the imulsion snub, but I ran out of credits on that account.

Bought four 2000CR packs, got all three characters, sorted! I will probably buy enough packs to complete the Lambent weapon skins, and then think on how far to try and get more Imulsion skins…

Lambent Gnasher took a total of 80,000 Credits - everything else I had multiple dupes of.

All chars in 14 packs. Was not chasing weapons. 2000cr option.

8k in 400 packs plus one 2000 pack. Only 5 imulsion weapon skins… NO character skins, not one… basically all lambent skins… and a few emblems… fn blows.

Got like 3 dupes of greandier elite and 1 dupe of lambent drone. Still trying o get the greandier.

I cant be bothered with the weapon skins myself. I spent about 50k in total.

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2000 packs are better. Some will disagree but I have generally always got what I wanted. Try those.


I don’t have the stockpile of credits a lot of you guys probably have. Bought 2 400s, 1 2000 and another 400 and need to earn more credits.

Got the emblem in my first 400 pack, then the Drone in the second. Rest of the stuff from the 400 packs were Lambent weapons. The 2k pack dropped an Imulsion skin, as well as 2 non-Lambent related skins (Armored Baird, Sugar Retro). Anyone pull a non-Lambent card from a 400 pack?

About 100,000cr for me. Given there’s two weapon skins, I guess this isn’t terrible. Normally it takes me between 60,000-80,000cr for a normal pack with just one weapon set anyway.

It’s rng…

I’ve spent about 40k, not sure.

Started with 400cr, got nothing.

Tried 2000cr, got grenadier. And 2 non themed cards per pack, what a surprise.

Back to 400, another grenadier.

Alternated between both, got that character 2 more times.

On a 2000 try, got last 2 on same pack.

(Dozens of weapon skins after all.)

I opened via website, didn’t see the skins. Are they different from Griffin weapons?

I know. I know. Call it superstition. Ha. Go with what works! I know you have posted that you have better luck in 400s and statistically they are slightly better. Just advice for him/her.
“2000 packs are better” is just my opinion in regards to my own personal results. :slight_smile:


Ironically 2000 were better for me too.

This time.

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Not doing TOO badly going with the 2000cr packs…
But more than 50% of the Epic cards I get are nothing Lambent-related SMH!


Same here strangely i been getting alot of e day, helmetless epics.

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I only had 19,000 credits. I bought 4, 5 card packs and 27, 3 card packs.

I got the Legendary Drone and the Grenadier Elite characters, I believe all of the Lambent skins, and half of the Imulsion skins (minus the Lancer and shotgun)

I got the characters pretty early, but kept spending my credits in hopes to get as much of the imulsion set as possible. The Lambent skins are a decent substitution for any imulsion skins that you may be missing.

They are some of the best sets out there.

E-day and V-day gears galore, plus a ridiculous amount of Zombie weapon skins for me!

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Not too bad I reckon. Got the Grenadier Elite (twice) and at least a new weapon skin for each weapon, plus some decent scrap. Really only trying for the characters but glad there is a credit option. I only had 23,000 to spend anyways.