How are quitters being addressed in gears 5?

I’m currently loving everything about gears 5!

My only issue however is how quitting is being addressed?

4 of my 5 ranked matches were negatively affected by quitters.
I was able to get MVP quite a few times still but our teams had losses that shouldn’t have occurred as a result of quitting.

Do quitters and team losses caused by quitters have a negative effect on our personal ranks?


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Question: How are quitters being addressed?

Answer: The classic Lobby-dissolves-randomly-and-all-members-of-your-party-receive-a-30-minute-suspension


Question: Do quitters and team losses caused by quitters have a negative effect on our personal ranks?

Answer: ???


Sadly it can only be addressed so much. The best solution is to group up because randoms are just that - randoms.

They need to make the quitting penalties more severe in ranked play. I’m talking bans of
1 week or more per occurrence.

I’ve played 6 ranked games today
and 5 out of 6 games had quitters that negatively affected the outcome.

That’s bad,
Something needs to be done about this

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They’re prolly not even thinking about quitting penalties at the moment, considering such a crazy majority of people leaving games is caused by the game itself right now. They’re more worried about getting their server stability in order, and stopping people from being randomly kicked from Campaign, Horde, Escape and VS.

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Well of course you can’t literally force people to play but i’d argue there are most definitely smart ways to harshly punish repeat quitters while letting off the players who occasionally has to leave the game early with a slap on the wrist. Never rely on players to do the right thing.

The problem is it’s just not something most games really any sort of thought or resources into. Not that it can’t be done, it’s just not something that devs think is very important.

I think a lot of the people aren’t quitting, they’rejist getting kicked.

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Well, most of these ‘‘quitters’’ probably just lag out due to the total failure which is their online services?


Until TC get all the bug worked out of the game,i’m sure all quiters are not just quitting for no good reason,heck i got kicked offline last night many times trying to play hivebuster before it final let me play my 1st test map i made.

Its the servers kicking everyone.

@oO_PHaNTaSM_0o it’s not being addressed that’s the problem,I made a thread on this,that I think people who quit early should be suspended for a day or more depending on there quit rate or de ranked when early quit. It’s very frustrating,can’t play a single game of horde without someone crying cause they can’t play the character they want,so they resolve it by quitting and freezing the map whilst it’s loading in causing you to quit the game all together to booting it back up again. It’s a joke

No, as I have already had 2 30 minutes suspensions due to WINNING, and match cutting out during return to menu.

The MM is too spotty right now to have any bans instituted.

They need to add bots. I know no one likes them, but at least the match can continue. Every Gears game besides Gears 4 had bots when someone quit. In Gears 4 KOTH was a nightmare when someone quit because of lack of bots. I can understand not having them in Team Deathmatch because kills are how you win & lose, but no excuse for them not to be in KOTH.

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I hate quitters especially GOW 4 horde when your scout or engineer decide to leave, also because they done their 20 levels bounty

Once you’ve been removed from a lobby for absolutely no reason and been unable to play for half an hour, you’re going to take back those words lol.


I dont think these guys are quitters, i think they are just disconnecting, happens with basically almost everyone.