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How are people getting 0H 00M on Escape?

As the title states. Are they just that good?

Haters will say hacks.

They just need to get gud, then get fast…

Oh, I’m not saying hacks :sweat_smile: I’m just wondering how they managed it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ofcourse its hacks. I was being sarcastic.

This is gonna be a problem forever due to PC capabilities.

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Oh right :joy: It’s a shame really because they have decent skins given to the top 1%.

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Ofcourse, you can still get 1% without it and TC will ban these players.

But even if you ban their MAC and IP address they’ll keep coming :confused:

It’s not hacks. I don’t know 100% exactly how it works but Master difficulty actually gives you a negative starting time or something like that.

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You underestimate Easy Anticheat. That stuff is incredibly efficient and what it does. Its probably more likely a bug/server glitch.

Yeah I agree right now it’s a visual bug and will lay likely update with the players real results soon.

But say in 2 years you go on social, you’re gonna get aimbotters eventually.

And yes I do recognise easy anti cheat is highly praised and I won’t question that but it isn’t uncrackable. And once one person does, you know how it goes.

Plus hacking the leader boards and modifying gameplay itself are pretty different.

It’s not a bug or hack. Check the skill cards you can equip. Some of them give you up to 20 to 30% time bonus. If just 1 person on your team equips it, it’ll deduct the escape time. It can stack with doing harder difficulties which come with up to 5x time bonus AFAIK.

Complete Master in 10mins and your leaderboard time will be under 0m. With bonuses.

One of our friends equipped 2 time bonuses last night and we completed insane in around 12mins. Leaderboard time showed 59 seconds after all the deductions.


I have gotten negative time on a couple as it is modified by difficulty and other factors like collecting the cog tags.

I wonder if you just have to get Top 1% for it to count, or "STAY’ in top 1% for when the reward comes in. Because plenty of other titles with similar systems, if you make it to a certain level/rank, but then fall, it will still reward you for the highest level achieved.

A forum mod claims to have it so either he is cheating or there is a method

I am most definitely not cheating

How exactly is it cheating?

You have the game, yes?

Go to harder difficulties by hitting RB. Read the description for the said difficulty. There is a time bonus.

Go to any character. Open their skill cards. Each character has 2 skill cards that have a time bonus (which is further upgrade-able through getting duplicates). All of these are “methods” to reduce your leaderboard time.

Can’t get more simpler than this.

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You also get time bonuses for a number of things like picking up cog tags, surviving with no one dying etc.

It’s hilarious the first thing people assume is “cheating” for almost anything/everything.

All of this can be self answered by doing some simple reading.

I’ve realised that the vast majority of people playing Escape don’t even understand what the character classes are meant to do or how skill cards work.


To be fair in 99.99% of cases like this with leaderboards it is cheating. Hard to blame someone jumping to that conclusion.


That’s exactly what a cheater would say, case closed ban incoming :stuck_out_tongue: