How are gnasher tracers supposed to work?

Sometimes I see what looks a full shot of 10 pellet smoke trails, other times 4 or 5, sometimes only a single tracer. It doesn’t seem to matter how many pellets (if any) hit a target, a wall, whatever.

Are they just supposed to be a random basic indicator of where your shot is going, or is it somehow bugged or maybe even causing graphic overload and not appearing consistently?

Or maybe my gnasher just need a good cleaning…


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Honestly I think you need to run maintenance on your gnasher

Only to find nothing is wrong with it, it’s just the tracers

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I just use a toilet plunger on the end of the barrel every 10 matches or so. Seems appropriate…

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Toilet plunger? I just clean the tip of the barrel with my pinky finger

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Give two fingers a try…shotguns like that

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Oml lmao

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Bump for visibility.


Essentially the tracers visually show a few pellets but not all of them, its meant to give you a visual indicator of where its going.

I can see why you find it a little confusing!

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Thanks for the reply and clarification Shauny, much appreciated. :+1:

For developers, this is a good thing. They can eventually spot texture flaws where bullets can pass through angles and walls.

But for the player, his position is quickly revealed. While the “eye tracker” in this clip, would potentially be more useful for the player

Why don’t you show the traces of all pellets? isn’t that more intuitive and useful for everyone?
Also, the trace is hard to see in maps with more sun… please take a look for that.