How are duplicate characters resolved in horde?

I always play as JD in horde and typically there are more than one JD player. When the game is loading I always see this warning about no duplicate characters being allowed but when the game starts the JDs seem to work just fine and have all their skills and stuff. What exactly is done with dup characters?

Thanks for the help.

I’ve noticed it a couple of times and further into the game one of them seems to get kicked. Usually the original one which is a bit of a sick joke.

When there are duplicate heroes, the person whose name is above the other person will get to be that hero.

As for people being kicked—I don’t think that’s what’s happening. It’s most likely that the person dropped the match because they couldn’t play as their preferred hero.

In cases where the game auto-resolves the conflict, it does not seem like there is any pattern. Maybe it picks your highest level hero or maybe the one with most time played or maybe the one you used most recently that’s not in conflict with the others.

Joining an in-progress match lets you be whatever hero you want even if there is already that hero in the game.

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Easy,I kick them out.

The restriction doesn’t apply to join in progress…

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Ah ok … I do join a lot of in progress games.

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In September, in non-custom horde, I wanted to be with JD, but another player was with him, too. The game turned me into Marcus. But there was another player with Marcus. :roll_eyes:

That’s true. I played with 3 spamming J.D. the other night… and still lose, loltl😂

did they ever fix the way Horde/Escape lobbies auto-change your character when someone with that same character joins your lobby?

it was so ridiculous that another player could bump you off your preferred character when you selected them first.

In the lobby, if your name is above the other player then you will keep your character. If your name is below, your character will be changed.

Most people whose name is on top will change their character as a courtesy. What makes things difficult is the character-specific tour-of-duty medals. I think TC should get rid of those medals to make finding matches easier. Maybe replace them with “eliminate X number of Y enemy in escape” or something.

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