How Anya Fits In

Is anyone else curious still about Anya and how her death fits into this, or if it will be explained? I consider myself a decent fan of all the games but haven’t read lore. Am I missing something? I’d like to see character development showing how it all went down and how Marcus and JD took it.

It could be revealed during JD and Marcus’ Squad part of the Campaign, if they ever open up.
Could be something to do with Griffin, or she died naturally.
Would have to wait and see.

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I’ve no doubt Gears 5 will reveal it all.

Anya was too important just to be “killed off” and forgotten about.

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What’s your theory on how Griffin would play into that?

It’s far-fetched and highly unlikely, but I hope Marcus killed Griffin, He certainly considered it.

She fits nicely into her coffin under six feet of dirt. Don’t think she’ll have much story impact from down there though.

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I was about to put something similar👍.
I think that will come out in 6. To big a storyline for 5.

Thats if Anya is really dead and TC dont pull an Adam Fenix!!

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I think she will be back… I don’t think they ever found a body… :wink: Anya is like one of my favorite characters… So #Wishfulthinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thinking she’s still alive too and her grave is there as a memory because she left or they couldn’t find her body.

Maybe she becomes the new swarm queen and kait is a decoy to fool us.

Rod said in the last podcast he did, they dont have any story for her death yet. They just did it to do it. Maybe theyll uncover it another time if the story serves for it.

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