How am I supposed to use the Hammerburst and Retro Lancer in Gears of War 4?

I know you’re probably eager to say something like “just shoot them”, but what I mean is how do I use them to their fullest potential. The Hammerburst seems very weak and I never pick it up. The Retro is ok, but it doesn’t feel like the one from part 3. I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly.

Just shoot them.


Just shoot them…at the enemy

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Ooooh, remember the launch HB? Oh boy. That caused some frustration back at launch.

TC went overboard with that HB after the beta.

Let me put it a different way. Why would I ever use either of them if I have a perfectly good Lancer already?

Hammerburst is best used at medium-long range.
It was amazing as a starting weapon… But once it became a pickup, I rarely grab it.

Retro is very different than in G3.
It is now best used at mid range. Firing in bursts and/or feathering the trigger will yield the best results.

Thanks for the reply! I’m going to try using these more often to see if I can get any value out of them.

That’s the problem in making it a pick-up weapon.

I suppose the HB is more accurate at range than a Lancer, which was annoying when you going up against co-ordinated teams with 5 HB as a starting weapon.

The Retro is much more powerful than the Lancer however, it has a short-range advantage over opponents as well as having its Retro charge mechanic.

The Lancer is a Jack-of-all-trades. It fulfils multiple roles, but perhaps not as well as the HB or Retro.

The Retro in 4 is the best retro in all of Gears retro lancers. Actually in retrospect I would say it is my favourite Lancer that is not a Lancer.

As for Hammy in 4, I feel it is the runt of them, swine of a weapon. :+1: :wink:

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The Retro in Gears 4 is the worst in the entire series. It has the weakest damage, the charge doesn’t even work 75% of the time even when you make body contact and has the smallest magazine size of only 20 rounds which was way too small when it should’ve had 30 rounds like Gears 3 and Judgement

Agreed, the Retro was even better than it’s Gears 3 predecessor.

The same can’t be said for the Hammerburst though. It was good in Gears 4, I got used to it eventually and favoured it over then Lancer by far, but it’s nowhere as good as my baby from Gears of War 3. Best weapon in all situations :+1:

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Hammerburst is a great support weapon with its long range. It’s on Harbor and Allfather’s , I believe. Use it while your teammates push or shoot from longer distance you can easily go toe-to toe with a lancer and easily win. I grab that when I see it.

The Retro is pretty good also. I don’t hold down the trigger because of it recoil. Really short trigger bursts like your firing the pistol seem to keep it more under control.

I’ve been having some luck with the Retro. Except when it comes to the charge. It’s like the game wants you to hit them directly in the center of their diaphragm and not a centimeter off or it doesn’t count. lol.