How am i supposed to get Master back after the reset, if i can't find games anymore?

Not gonna write a long post as i usually do, but honestly, how are we supposed to rank up after they “fix” the matchmaking and reset our ranks, if we can’t find games anymore in Escalation and Execution ?

The other day, (i’m from EU) Saturday around 7-9 pm, i had to wait 90 mins to get a game in Execution, (game was terrible btw, lots of people lagging and i was put against begginers), after this game i waited 20 more mins for a 2nd game that i never found before i gave up …

The rank consideration is obviously sarcastic, what’s the purpose of doing this now ? The playerbase is already low enough, is it a good idea to piss the rest of the players here with this reset as they say themself in their announcement ?

I’m for a ranking / matchmaking update since obviously it wasn’t working at all at any point, but i feel like it’s their “last” chance, if they mess up, they will never be able to recover … i’m not saying i’m not confident, but it’s probably not impossible that they mess up this update again.

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If the ranking system still has big issues after the update, it could be the final nail in the coffin, for a lot of people.

I hope for our sake and TCs sake, that they get it right this time. I want to have people to play with.

The thing that would drive me away would be ridiculous wait times. I already can’t find a game in the EU when I try to play solo (I play from 11pm>3am, but didn’t have an issue in gears 4 or earlier in 5s lifespan).

If my remaining friends leave the game too… I won’t even be able to play anymore.

Please get it right TC…


I wouldn’t mind waiting as long as the connection to the game is good…

If it goes over 4 to 5 mins of searching, I’d rather play on US east servers with 70ms ping than wait 30 mins or more to play with 10ms ping.

An option to choose your preference would be nice

Yes me too, i prefer 15 mins wait for 35 mins of a good game instead of 5 mins wait for a bad game, but currently it’s 20-60 mins wait for a bad game in Escalation and Execution, I don’t have too much hope for the game sadly …

they are working on giving players the ability to specify these preferences , for matchmaking purposes. I don’t imagine it will happen any time soon, but they understand different people have different preferences and priorities and they will allow this to be set on the player level.

Not for me I like to play serious when I play ranked-I have no interest in playing on American servers at a disadvantage-I would just wait if I can-unfortunately I have played a ton of games on crappy servers on gears 5 due to having no choice if I want a game…

I play serious too. It’s more than possible to adapt to playing at 70>80ms ping.

Is it perfect? No. Is it workable? Yes.
It beats not being able to play. Can’t play serious if you can’t find a game

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Personnaly i can’t expect the luxury to play in Europe if i also want to face high level opponents, it’s just not reallistic.
I already have to wait a long time to find a game against somewhat begginer which is 50% of the time in Europe (big improvement from the beggining where it was like 5% in Europe), if i had to choose i’d always play in NA but play against good players.

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I can and do adapt-I’m forced to at times if I want to play ranked pvp. All my escalation matches have been over 100ping except for maybe 2. I’m just saying that it’s hard to play seriously when you are having to try harder than the other players and having to adjust how you play to compensate for playing on the wrong servers. The kill cam in these games are laughable-I have shots off on my screen but on killcam I can see they never fired in time even though I saw them on my end. Players already on the other side of me as they shoot mid air and I die. I understand you would rather play than not and to a point so would I but I would only put up with this for so long. It’s all well and good saying we can work around it but against a good solid set of players with a far better connection you will get destroyed. Thankfully at least in my part of the world TC seem to be improving this greatly so I’m happy-but seriously playing ranked games on 130ping is not something most gamers will accept for a long period on a triple A game in this day and age. I did it with gears of war 2 but I won’t be doing it with gears 5

I agree that it’s hard to play on those games where it puts you on central or even worse, US west servers.

I personally haven’t been destroyed due to ping though. When comparing my EU (8ms) games to my US East (70ms) games at least. I’m master rank on this account and almost master (D3 top 20%) on another.

The majority of my games have been on US east, and whilst there are more questionable deaths on there vs the EU servers, it’s clearly possible to play at a high level.

Anything further away than US east becomes a struggle though, I agree there.

I can also accept the point that some people don’t want to play on anything but their own server.

Let’s just hope that the upcoming fixes bring people back, as the EU is really struggling with its player count right now.

For the record, I’m getting way more games on EU servers of late.

I am a solid player but I play solo quite a lot at the moment and I am not good enough to beat the 130ping over and over. I have got MVP quite a few times on other servers but I have had some real sickeners when it comes to gnasher trading and shots not registering etc. Just because you are a high level player who doesn’t mind playing with 130ping doesn’t really matter. You have to admit it undermines the ranked pvp to be putting people on the wrong servers… My TDM kd is 1.7 but I have played maybe 30 matches with 130ping…what would it have been if I didn’t have to grind 12 for 10 kds over and over against Americans getting the drop on me. It makes a mockery of even recording stats and it destroys the legitimacy of competitive gaming. They are improving it a lot I have to say and thank f#%k because it is enough to ruin a game. I played the old gears games like 2 all the time on bad connections but it’s 2019 and it should be much better.

This proves you aren’t really reading my replies. I never said that. I said I didn’t mind playing on 70>80ms ping on US east coast servers, but it was a struggle on the 100ms+ ping central ones.

You also insinuated that I didn’t take it seriously, that’s why I mentioned my rank, to prove that I do.

Anyway, I’ve said all I have to say on this. :+1:

Don’t take offence to this but I imagine you will. I know by your rank that you probably team stack the majority of the time you play ranked so you wouldn’t fully understand a solo players complaints about ranked servers being bad and maybe getting a bad beating. I do play in teams at times and the server becomes less impactful when I’m in a team as tactics and cooperation can make up for the crap connection. Saying you never get destroyed on a bad ping server means you are either an extremely skilled player or you are playing in a solid team the majority of the time your on ranked. If I get a good connection and someone else gets a really bad one 9 out of 10 times I am smashing them unless they are in a squad and can rally round one another. When I say destroyed I don’t mean going 1 for 10 or something I just mean struggling to win trade offs and having to sucker punch and ambush players rather than outplaying them like I would(or try to) on a fair match

I play with just one other person most of the time (silver ranked player currently). Then I play on my own too.

Occasionally with 2 others.

I’ve had my “team” (solo or just the two of us) whooped soloing and with the one friend I mostly play with. I meant that I haven’t been whooped much on a personal level. Not ever though of course.

Presumptions are never a good thing

It was more a feeler comment to bait you into a reply…a predictable one as well. You must be one hell of a player. Never took a beating with a terrible ping game even when your team get smashed and you are all the way up to master playing solo most of the time except every now and again when you play with a lowly silver rank… and your even gonna keep replying until you win this little chat-damn you are awesome.


Lol, how did this turn into a personal battle? We were talking about ping.

Of course I’ve lost games. Plenty of them. I meant I haven’t taken a beating much k/d wise. Only in a handful of games maybe.

This was never about me stroking my ego, it was about showing you that I do take my games seriously, after one of your classic incorrect assumptions that I don’t.

My whole point here was that if you learn to play at those pings, you can make do.

I wasn’t questioning anyone’s skill or competitiveness, unlike you

Listen to you-my presumption that you don’t play serious is you being paranoid-I just said I like to play ranked seriously and 130ping is a disadvantage which I would like them to fix so I don’t have to play ranked pvp on a connection like that. You were the guy who read into that and started sharing your rank and story about how invincible you were-you assumption started this

Ok, you clearly have reading comprehension difficulties, if you landed at that conclusion based on my replies.

You also have a selective memory, not remembering what you said.

I’m done wasting my time on you. Bye