How about you think about this

You guys keep complaining about crossplay …

they are giving you the tools to balance the game.
Complained about higher FOV, they gave you the slider option.
Complained about FPS, They have provided (Series X) 120 FPS.

You missed out on the series x? well sorry to hear that but thats your BUSINESS.
Thats was a harsh remark right? well thats IRONIC , this is what ive been getting from you guys for the past 3 years now because ive decided to play controller on PC instead of waiting for a series X.

They dont provide you complain, They deliver exactly what you want and you… yet again complain.

INB4: “but macros and KBM and… yada yada yada…” thats literally 1% of the community that uses macros and kbm and are actually good at it…

half the time the people complaining are against wall bouncing… like what? “its a exploit in the game” fammm… come on…

anyways, just take the tools provided and play please.

Edit: Look at it at a pcplayers POV. Finally they gave yall the same tools that we have and yet you still dont want to let us in on the matchmaking. XBOX Series x has an Advantage on you…which doesnt make sense to me of why you are willing to play against them…

What If:
Since Series X and PC are on the same playing field, Lets make the MM based on Series X/PC play . XBONEplayer would have to have CP on in order to play us.


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