How about we just take Leeches out of Horde

Does anyone actually find these things to improve the quality of your Horde experience? I don’t. They don’t provide a fun or meaningful challenge. There’s barely any play possible against these things before they suicide themselves against you. And they get even worse with Aggressive Enemies, darting around at lightning speed. I say, remove them entirely from the regular spawns, and leave them just as a hazard when you get a Flock boss that can summon them.


They are not a particularly fun enemy, no.


Dont forget you are invisible to leeches if your near a tap. They will just focus on the tap until they break it.


They don’t pose any threat unless you’re already on 1HP, they die in a single melee, a few seconds trying to get through a barrier or a couple of stray bullets. All they’re there for is to provide a timer to protect energy taps before they get destroyed which can be infuriatingly annoying when you’re getting shot at from all angles and becomes impossible to do anything about. They also seem to have the absurd insta-execution delay similar to Juvies on higher difficulties.

Trackers are also the same pointless enemy, a single barrier will prevent it from doing anything, allowing you to either shoot it or just kick it away. I don’t remember a single time I’ve actually been damaged by one. They’re pretty much a reskinned Ticker except you can occasionally pick up Shock Grenades.

definitely should remove them. I’m confused on why the characters say “stump, watch out for leeches” when in horde they dont spawn leeches.

Leeches should only come from the stomp, so the stump can actually be a target to kill that can spawn endless waves of leeches instead of the worthless trash it is now.

Idk why stump only gives out leeches in campaign, but not horde.


I am glad it doesnt in Horde enough of them as it is.

I remember a patch a few ops ago.

They said.

Deduced the number of spawned leeches in Horde.

You couldnt tell :joy::joy: if there were more before god damn how did we cope :joy::joy:

Not the danger noodles

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I don’t like leeches but don’t advocate for their removal. They serve a role, however annoying, and I prefer as much variety of enemies as possible.


And replace them with more juvies!?

Leeches are terrible, but I’m okay with them if they’d just turn off the instant kill on lower difficulties. Like juvies.

There were patch notes in this drop about lengthening the time it takes for juvie executions, I wonder if this impacted leech executions too.

Like kids

Neither do any of the other flooders, that’s the entire point. And unless spatial awareness is at 0 AND the engi is ■■■■ they shouldn’t even be able to hurt.

Also; free stim / healing+BDstack for Lahni so I would severely miss them.


Also an easy enemy to re-stack xray timer with a markza/crit parade when they all dog pile the taps like rabid animals. They serve a purpose, no matter how meaningless/annoying they are.


Leeches should remain in horde.

They force us out of covers, That’s their only function.

They are supposed to challenge the player.

Leeches serve as a threat in early waves because the base is still not fortified heavily.
In later waves, they basically pose zero threat once your base is properly established.

you clearly don’t play on the high(est) diff levels, where a leech jumping into you downs you, most of the time…

And let’s not forget this amazing ability to just jump up over cover and knock you out of cover, making you drop your heavy weapon… over… and over…

I don’t find anything positive about leeches in this game. They are simply an annoying addition that increases frustration factor.

Juvies and tickers kinda already fill that space, we don’t need leeches…



I’ve played plenty of Master games, 1HP was an exaggeration of course but my point still stands; you’re not getting killed by a Leech unless you’re already wounded or get swarmed by more than 2 or 3. They’re there simply as an annoyance to defend taps

Leeches would be better if they corrupted Deebee’s.

Deebee’s attack both you and the Sawrm until a Leech corrupts it and attacks only you.

I actually don’t mind them, I tend do melee knife them when they jump at your face. Timing needs to be inch perfect though… And that’s the only thing I like about leeches.

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I’ve noticed they’ll fly right over your head if you press a and slide into cover as they lunge, I think it depends on timing as well. Not sure if angle plays a part in that but I don’t think so

I like it when they sometimes get stuck in animation and slow pimp walk toward you on their “legs”