How about SSG as a voting option in comp and quickplay playlists?

I’ve been playing the SSG event playlist quite a bit and I’ve really been enjoying it, especially Control SSG. It crossed my mind that SSG settings could also be in competitive Control and CTF playlists as well as the quickplay playlist that contains the objective modes. (NOTE: I am not asking SSG to replace Lancer/Gnasher/Snub/nade loadouts. I’m suggesting SSG to be an option to vote for in the pre-game lobby).

It’d be similar to how Halo has traditionally had a couple of different variants in multiplayer playlists (such as BR Slayer alongside the standard Team Slayer mode under Team Slayer playlist).

Of course, the maps that the SSG variant would be available to play on should be limited (exclude larger maps, for example, or any other maps that SSG doesn’t play very well on).

I think it would at least be worth a try and in best case scenario it would bring more variety and longevity to both quickplay and competitive matchmaking.


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I like this idea.

Turn a game that’s already a gnasher fest into an even bigger one? Removing power weapons and lancers in comp? Ill pass lol. If it’s an option people will vote for it, much like how people almost always vote for old maps instead of the new original ones.

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It’s not a Gnasher fest with normal loadouts if at least one of the teams focuses enough on crossing. When that happens and they do it right, the other team has to answer back in kind or be at a disadvantage.

Players who refuse to use Lancer because they think that it’s either a noob thing or only belongs to scrims and esports are really easy targets because they limit themselves for stupid reasons. Then they write garbage in game chat when they get stomped because of it. In their minds, using Lancer either makes you a noob or too sweaty, depending on how well you use your Lancer. In either scenario they are obviously wrong.
I’ve often heard the quote “a good player knows how to use the Gnasher. And a great player knows how to use the Lancer”. Or something along those lines. I don’t remember who said it originally but it’s a pretty good way to put the comparison into words lol.

Anyways, I have no problem with you disagreeing with me on this suggestion. But calling the game a Gnasher fest is just false and it got old 14 years ago. Funnily enough, any time I play with some friends and we Lancer for each other, at some point there will be hateful comments in game chat about our use of Lancers.

Personally, even if SSG was a voting option in competitive matchmaking, I’d still vote for standard Control or CTF most of the time. I like using Lancer and finding angles within the map. And I find it funny when people talk trash when they put themselves in bad positions lol. But I would also play SSG every now and then for the sake of variety.
Also, people in general like using power weapons as well, so there would definitely be plenty of standard Control and CTF matches too even for that reason only

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This post just reminds me of the time me and my father were playing District. We went to the middle and hid, while the other guy grabbed EMBAR. We both lit him up and he called us Lancer noobs or something like that. One guy on our team happened to say something along the lines of “you’re complaining when you got caught with your pants down.”

On topic, I’m not a fan of adding a game mode with a different loadout as an option to vote, when every other mode has a regular loadout. I don’t even like playing FFA anymore when I saw they had an OSOK variant and your Longshots only had 8 shots. I think it’s still in, too.