How about opportunity to vote Afg players out

Maybe considering opportunity to vote (kick) afg players out , example:
-those players who only wanna boost rank in Koth !
-players who dont take part of the game , just wandering around and doing nothing !

I disagree.

If you want players to abuse a system then sure. But I’d bet more legit players would suffer because there are a ton of griefers our there.

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Seems like a great idea but I remember playing Left4Dead where you could kick a teammate and it was wildly abused.


Also, it backfires. You vote to kick someone, not realizing he has buddies with him and they all vote to kick you. I know because we used to do that if a random voted to kick one of us.

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especially stacked teams, they just going to get rid of a player or two out from the other team.

They had something similar to this in Left 4 Dead. I remember this system being super abused. If you did not like someone you could kick them. How would you want to implement this system? Because the only way to do this would be if the character is standing completely still for a set amount of time. Then the option would come up to kick them. Great in theory but if they are rubber banding there controller. The system could not detect them not moving.

Had stuff like that happen before in other games.