How about giving good rewards for playing

So far we already know this tour of duty thing is a copy from battlepass like Fornite .
I have two cuestions here,
No point in xp boost, that actually you can purchase.
No point in level up an Re-up.

So, how about giving Al least 1 star for tour duty per level? Or 5 levels don’t know.

(Gears of war is not free to play as long people need to pay a game pass)
Give you 2 stars per level,an 5 -10 when you get

Level 10,15 ,20

Just saying.

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It’s funny how they ignored all of the big questions on their Q&A stream tonight. They are not going to change the reward system.(or at least not mid-operation)

The quality of what you earn is determined by the players on an individual basis. If you don’t like what the items are that you can earn there are others that will. The Tour of Duty requires some work to get through it, but as a player who hasn’t bought Iron I’m one step away from earning Team Metal it’s doable with time and the Medals I’ve earned are more reasonable to be earned over the full time period instead of rushed to earn them. If you don’t play the game you really don’t need the cosmetics in the first place either. Characters later will be purchase-able or earned without a time frame. Giving 2 stars per level would ensure that everybody gets the full Tour of Duty easily that’s 200 stars for reaching level 100 without the bonus stars you’re wanting for every 5 levels and those who have re-upped multiple times would have earned 200 x Re-up level that’d be 600 stars in my case already. You have 3 months to do the Tour of Duty this one ends in December whilst it may not be possible to get everything for the standard player you can get a decent amount for coming back and playing the game regularly without paying.

Minimum you can earn 4 tour of duty stars per day and that assumes that you get 1 star rated objectives per day with a maximum of 12 stars earned in a single day which I just got the maximum yesterday so it does come up. With 3 months that’s 360 stars minimum not counting medals or 1080 maximum without medals it’s going to be somewhere in the middle for free players splitting the difference lets say it average out to be about 8 stars a day that’s 720 tour of duty stars without medals, factor in the medals that adds a decent amount of tour of duty stars that can be earned any time in the 3 month period so while no it might not be reasonable to expect to get absolutely everything you can earn a large amount of the rewards by playing regularly and most of the time the Tour of Duty dailies don’t take all that long to complete. The longer ones tend to only be longer if you don’t have a regular team and have to rely on randoms like survive 9 acts of Escape for 3 stars which can be troublesome, but you can also reduce the difficulty you play on to speed things along. Win X versus matches can be done vs Beginner Bots for an easy win if need be. Win a match on X map is troublesome since it’s RNG but again playing Bots makes it easier to get the win should you get the stage in the rotation. The larger issue is less the amount of stars that are able to earned and more that it forces people to play modes they have no interest in to earn items not only for the daily tour of duty stars but for the completion rewards for each page of the medals, but that also has been consistent through out the series.