How about adding profile XP to tour medals?

I was just thinking here why dont we get xp for completing medals ? Now that we have a Re-up 30 cheevo, it seems reasonable to add XP gain from medals.
I’m currently on prestige 16 (not even halfway there to 30) and always get myself diveded between doing medals and daily challenges for stars and medals rewards or playing horde/escape only for experience.
Adding xp to medals is not that big deal I imagine, and can be done in a few different ways.

1) Get some xp bonus for completing a set of medals (alongside with the other reward, like skin, expression, blood tag etc). Example: Complete Basics medal set and get 25k XP plus the current reward.
2) Get some XP by completing each medal. Example: get 5k XP and the stars for each completed medal.
3) Get some XP based on how much stars the medal awards. Example: get 1k XP for each star awarded by a medal.

What you think about it ? Do you have any sugestions for the experience gain on medals? Leave your thoughts here, I would like to see em all.


XP-wise, 16 is half way to 20

I like that Idea, this should also apply to Dailys because as soon as someone reaches General Rank there is no Reward for doin Dailys anymore.

I agree. Good idea.

It is a good help, to make the achievements

Yes. This would be awesome and I’ve seen this suggested many times.

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