How about adding new executions?

Probably because they are the most difficult to think of when it comes to execution ideas, looking at the overkills default execution alone is enough proof of this its probably the most basic and boring execution to come to gears…like we swapped out the sawn-off as a shotgun for the overkill? Like… Why? Sawn off had better execution and would hella fun to use, Don’t get me wrong overkill has its place in the DB arsenal, but what’s better sawn-off or overkill?

Also you forgot the markza…

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I like how simple and effective the overkill execution is for some reason. Its a legit curbstomp and you can feel their teeth getting stomped in.

Totally agree with you tho! I hate actually using the overkill since it’s so dorky looking lol.

Sawed off from 3 and judgment looked so clean and was awesome for horde.

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Yeah that Boltok execution was for operation 4 and was related to the dom content drop.

The name I think is actually a call back to when maria gets mercy killed by Dom in Gears 2. Kinda f’d up when you think about it lol.

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There’s one already where you pick up the enemy with the Lancer.

You are not ignored if you @ me for things I should be @'d for.

@Old_Asylum I’ll see, but any details for new executions would be through the News Feed.

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Thanks for the response! I’ll wait then, hopefully we will be able to get some great executions, there are a lot of them I’d buy in a heartbeat.

I just equip them based on how quick they end.

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IMO the Markza seems fine to me…but then again it could get another execution.(Personally I use the one where smash the enemies head in like a hammer). For the claw, it shouldn’t be too hard, use the crystal part of the weapon like the retro but instead of taking off the head it just shatters it. Boom shoot and Overkill…I could see them share the digger execution from gears3 as theyre big weapons. The boom shoot could also share the lancer gl “in your face” execution?

I know players aren’t a fan of the wrestling stuff but I’d love to have an Elbow drop style execution

There was also the round house curb stomp. I think.

I don’t think it will happen since TC’s Markza has a stubby barrel (shorter) then the original Markza from Judgement but I can see it happening for the Longshot

Good question, why would you add new executions and then remove them ? That is some cheesy ■■■■. TC really is the worst.

Too bad when you turn gore off they all get shutoff besides for the breaker and you’re left with the default gun strangle neck snap. Would be nice if you could shut regular gore off but leave execs on.