Hotkey for quick emote?

If you use controller, it’d be Double-click the RS for your selected quick emote.

PC, whatever they set it to.

It feels weird to have to stop, emote, then continue moving.

Obviously, not something to keep at the top of the suggestions list, but something to think about adding.

With all due respect sir, the game was released 13 months ago and TC is still trying to figure out how to make the gnasher work. I doubt you will get the requested hot key anytime soon.


I know :smile:

Just future requests, is all!

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Emotes are whackadays. They cheapen the whole gears experience, they are a lazy af addition to the game in a sad, pathetic, desperate attempt by TC to drain even more pennies out of…well people like you.
Nothing says Gears is a joke now like seeing Raam give a thumb up…or worse.

I don’t love emotes in GOW, but since they are already in the game it only makes sense that TC would optimize how they can be used. @Deep_ZUCC you have a good idea on how to make the emote system better.

I’ve got a better idea…get them the f**k out.

1: I made this topic as a suggestion for an addition to the emote system. Not for “people like me” to get blamed.

2: There are a few pro’s to the emote system:

  • You can now do non-verbal communication if you’re a mute or don’t have a mic or can’t type back quickly, etc. It allows you to agree if someone is using their mic, and you just want to say “Yes” or “No” back to them.

  • This is also a great feature for deaf people. They can now understand / tell someone what to do with the verbal emotes such as flanking the enemy, grab that, group up, etc.

Now, I understand it feels weird seeing RAAM, a 8ft monster of a locust, doing the disco. But, honestly, aside from the campaign’s, has there ever been a non-“cheapened” side of Gears’ versus?

Looking at your replies to topics, I don’t see you complaining about weapon skins? Why not?

You mean to tell me Locust / COG walking around with phantom / rainbow swirl skins on their weapons enhances the Gears bloody, gritty, and scary experience rather than cheapening it? It doesn’t. Never will. Yet, I guarantee you’re wearing those “cheapened” skins on your character.

I get that since Epic dropped Gears it’s been very rough for the franchise, but when there’s “people like you”

Instead of

It makes the situation a whole lot worse…

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