Host leaves, does the game find a new host?

Rarely but sometimes when im host i need to leave and i dont want the game to be over, if i click the option to go to main menu does that keep the game going for other players?

In escape I have had a few hosts leave and the game just picks a new host, I would assume its the same in horde but not 100% sure.

Yeah. I was playing with a friend who was hosting the other night and they got dashboarded, and the game just migrated to a new host.


Could depend on how the host leaves, return to main menu could bring everyone with u, if host gets kicked then im sure it changes host.

I just paused the game to check and it says by going to main menu it will end the game for all players

So much for that ‘solution’ lol …

Just dashboard yourself, turn off your console, or go to your home screen and start another game.



Whatever you did last night on Reclaimed, the game kept going.

Lol, i actually quit the entire gears game, but i dont want to do that every time

You should probably just try not hosting 50 wave Horde matches if you’re having to quit so much that you’re worried about it.

Its not often that it happens, i just wanted to be courteous to the other players and sometimes the match takes more time than expected