Host kicking me horde

Got kicked about 5 times from the lobby for inconceivable and master when I want to use jack for icebound

I have him at level 20 and 3 levels away from reup 30

Got booted 5 times

I don’t get it …I guess these idiots don’t understand how valuable jack is when their ■■■ gets downed and needs to be revived surround by enemies or hijacking a big enemy to create some breathing room and take a few out with bleed damage

I’ll guess I’ll keep on playing escape instead then

Im sorry to hear that :confused:
I usually load into public lobbies so I dont have that issue but I do have level 2 nomads running around in Incon lol.

With the public lobbies it’s hit or miss and you get players that are way out of their league joining

Usually with private the more season players join from my experience

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or they play classes that have a disadvantage for that days modifiers, gotta love those people too.

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Some hosts are just super fussy. Part of me thinks that the lobby system needs to be expanded so people can add more information - like if there was an extra drop-down menu which contains extra information like what classes they will and won’t accept, mic, party chat etc. That’s why I liked the old XBL Looking For Group system. Alot of hosts don’t even update and change the lobby titles, and as very few people use mics anymore it’s hard to know what the host wants or expects.

Or better yet, make it mandatory for the host to write or select a preset lobby name each time they create a public one?


the good ol days :slight_smile:

I got kicked from a custom pvp match that was labeled “wall bouncing chill or 1v1” for ‘not helping the team’


Yeah public lobbies are a bit over the top for kicking. Its an incredibly useful feature but I swear some players just use it so they can feel powerfu lol. I can’t stand the secret rule lobby hosts anyway.

I try to allow for all walks of life in my lobbies but some people will never change and others will never give someone a chance to prove themselves as in your case being kicked as jack.

I only play master so I tend to lean towards a higher level character because I know you have certain cards unlocked but I can’t tell if you have them in play or not. As for re-ups they mean absolutley nothing. Ive seen high re-ups and even maxed re-ups play like they just pick up the game and have seen lows play like they have years of experience. Of course that goes both ways but still re-up means nothing.

Either they were waiting for someone else to join (perhaps a friend) and didn’t know/bothered to set the lobby to Private, or they have the idea of Jack = Forge Slave (not that hard to believe. Last night I two games, each had a Jack re up 40 and another re up 50 both demand a Forge) and when they saw that there was no Power Drain mutator on Icebound they decided Jack was worthless in the daily as forging is not necessary.


Well exactly

Who knows what the host is looking for

Are they looking at someone that has a reup of 30+ or something else

No clue trying to guess their requirements

Last night I had the best game as jack on Lift

Wave 12 inconceivable,Out fabricator was destroyed, we had no energy, I was the last one standing against a carrier, wakatu, boomshot scion, mulcher scion, locust grenadier, two theron guards

Took out the theron guards with my zapper while avoiding being spotted the other enemies

Got my ultimate and hijacked the boomshot scion, took out the grenadier and mulcher scion with bleed damage

Got enough energy to rebuild the fabricator and revived the team

Then they finished off two bosses

And some people think jack is useless apparently…stupid idiots

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People still join regardless of what you put in the lobby, on top of the, “I dont read lobbies” bs


I’m generally pretty lax whenever I host a lobby. One I hosted for the daily yesterday was named “Know your class, know the modifiers. That is all”
We had a close call on wave 8 but we powered through. One of the people that joined lagged out twice.

Best part was killing a Sentinel with a Breaker Mace.

What’s wrong with the world right now? Some people would rather watch the worst movie ever made, than read the best book ever written! :open_mouth:

If only there was some way they could tell us?

I had a game recently where everyone was in the lobby and loaded into the map. The host and another player (friend) was on mic. The game started, the fab placed, everyone deposited and for reasons the host kicked the Demolitions player immediately after the deposited. Host says to their friend “I don’t like playing with the demo class”. I immediately left lol. I honestly can not tolerate players like this.

I honestly can’t see why. Forge jack build means extra power for everyone which mean quicker fortifications and perks and the downside is waiting for the forge if the engineer decides its a priority build. Of course any decent team will hold without a single barrier for a few rounds. Assault jack build completey wrecks in Horde and the only downside is getting an engineer who builds a forge when you don’t have optimizer (check spelling on that lol) in play. Jack is a powerhouse all on his own and even more so now that there is a range of new enemies to choose from.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning: :pensive:
Happened to all of us at some point.
I got kicked several times last week and only because people thought I’m a noob since my re-up showed 0 after the update.

The biggest irony is that even if you’re first starting out and haven’t reupped yet, your icon would not show up as ‘0’. Aside from this bug, there is no such thing as a “reup 0” in the game so it’s ironic that people are kicking you for supposedly being inexperienced, but end up exposing their own lack of knowledge of this fact. :frowning:

I know right?!!

You know how I feel about re-ups anyway. They are not indicative of one’s skills.
But people being people…

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If I see a 0 Re up and they are using a class that is high level, I assume they got bugged. If the level actually says “0” I also assume they got bugged too.

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Horde pretty toxic with these crazy host; joined with level 20 tactician with level 6 cards.used my ultimate to help others got kicked by some clone , apparently he did not realized that I needed to also level up perks to be even better… and this was after wave 25!

Sorry that happened to you. It’s a shame more people don’t realize how valuable Jack is. I love playing with Jack and have mad respect for people who choose to play him. I’ve gotten kicked before for reasons I’ll never ever know.