Host game kick option for troll players

Please allow host to kick players that join and move fortifications around just to troll.

It is insanely annoying when you just wanna have fun and players join to do this.

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I totally agree. Nobody wants to invest over hour into the game just for some random turd to mess it all up

Ditto’d, It’s far less common that a host would abuse the kick than having some troll come in at a late wave and screw everything up then leave, or to run into leeches that idle for rewards taking up a slot that could be used for somebody that actually wants to play the game and contribute.

Remove the name in your post, can’t do that here you’ll get into trouble with the mods should they see it, but I will say he had a post complaining about Sires and how he couldn’t play with others because of trolls when he’s one of the biggest around so there’s that. He’s a troll and a hypocrite, but you’re also feeding him by letting it get to you.

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