Horrible Ranked System

Trash the Rankeds system. I don’t understand who asked for the “Gear Ponits” to be lowered due to low, who benefits? The cost of entering the games remains the same, and that only makes it more frustrating to go up. And worst of all, the coldness of the system when a player leaves the game leaving his team at a disadvantage with almost a certain defeat. It is a complete stupid to have eliminated the possibility of returning to the games, since there is no compensation to the players affected by the departure of a player … they leave, you lose the game and they lower you, (not to mention that many of the exits are by failure of the horrible servers). Another bad thing is the fact of having a limit of Gear Points per game and that as you do them it is more difficult to get more, because from 90 you already have to do a thousand casualties so that they give you a point that in the end will be worth the same at the time of entering and that they charge you or that you lose and take them away. What happens if we combine these two factors of the limit of Gear Points and the exit of players? Well, there is almost no joke to continue playing or fighting for something in the game when your points are going to go away anyway. And if in any case you continued playing well, you could only get to make 100 miserable points so that (in my case being Onice) you lose 50 points, and that assuming that the game lasts so long. Just now I just lost a game due to the departure of a player, we were about to win, but the disadvantage was clear. I broke my back fighting the first two rounds reaching 97 points, to know that in the third I would lose and only aspired to 3 more points. I played for almost half an hour with one less player to lose in the end and on top of that they won’t let me reach 100 because for that I have to make another 50 casualties, right? They only waste time to the players, because also, if you leave the game because you know that you are going to lose and there is no point, the game punishes you. Obviously this only benefits TC, so that we play their game longer. I am already very upset, and I am less and less attracted to play, I have stopped doing it often for those reasons and I am glad that many friends of mine are also leaving it, because the truth is that what they do is horrible. And if this is not fixed by the last update, for sure I will leave the game and I strongly believe in many other players as well.


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