Horde's first mutator should not be first

The mutator in which if you all die, there’s no restarting the wave, you have to start completely over. That’s like having iron man on on the very first difficulty. I feel like the first mutator for horde is way too difficult for it to be the first one. Honestly, it should be moved to the last mutator. Horde with randoms is tough, it’s really annoying that you cant restart a wave if you die. Can we please get that mutator removed or moved to a much much later difficulty.


We’re gonna act like it’s that easy huh? Okay kid. Play 20 matches with 5 mutators on with a couple randoms and see if you dont fail more than half the time, 4head

Even a full team is gonna die out sometimes, jesus guys, yall really dont want this mutator moved farther down? Yall are trying so hard to be tough lol. I’m a diamond in tdm already, I dont need a lesson in difficulty. In all previous hordes, you’re always able to retry from the current wave, but not in this one if you want any good xp. What dont yall understand about that? Its ridiculous for it to be the first mutator. And where just the first might not affect you that much, adding 4 or 5 more mutators will. And getting to wave 48 and dieting with 5 mutators on is not that easy, and having to restart a 2.5 hour process is frustrating.


Wot? I’ve restarted waves loads of times with that on. Were my games just glitched? I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m a diamond in tdm already, I dont need a lesson in difficulty

Is that right.

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Well, it’s like playing on Beginner, without being able to restart if you die.

Really, even if you are level 1, you shouldn’t really be failing as a 5 man, with the perk system. If you are communicating, less so.

Wasn’t saying it to be douchey, but everytime I bring up a topic, the first comments are always the “git gud” ones. Saying I’m diamond usually makes those comments more sparse.

And yes, that is right lol

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i 100% agree with you it should be 2nd 3rd or 4th


Stop making everything easy. It’s a survival enemy mode. Call of duty zombies is popular and once you die in that it’s over. It adds tension and provides a sense of having to work together. Your decisions weigh more. One of the only good additions of horde to be honest. Besides everyone used to quit when we failed in previous horde modes anyway. Get over it. Don’t die.

Ehhh but Horde is different from MP

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Maybe just turn it off? My wife and I have been playing with just the second and third. Just because the mutator is first in line, doesn’t mean it has to be the first one used.


Host a custom lobby and don’t click it.


I was playing on elite and we were going good but then a sentinel got stuck under the map and normally i would tell everyone to kill themselves so we could restart but yeah basically that was the end of the match


I honestly didnt know you could choose them out of order in private, thank you!

Yes you can. I pretty much only do private.

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How do I unlock the advanced modifiers in private horde? Its only allowing me to choose between the first 3

You need to beat a specific map with all 3 starting modifiers on. THEN you get the 4th modifier on that map.

To the OP I completely agree. The whole modifier system is just BAD. Being forced to play modifiers that you don’t like to unlock more that you don’t like is no fun. ALL modifiers should be unlocked from the start.


In escape all of the different hives have iron man as last or next to last mod

I totally agree. That shouldn’t be the case with public matchmaking. You can start a custom match and pick from the 2nd mutator up.


Horde is easy and it is survival based. I like how it is the first mutator. Stop being a baby.

Besides, atleast you can find games in Horde. Horde has 8 playlists + custom games.

And Escape…did you know it had 32 playlists!? (8 difficulties with 4 hives) AND custom games…