Horde's ammo is that mode's "6 shot gnasher", lol

I did this like a week ago. I get that he can tank bullets and explosive damage. But around later waves, it’s not enough against explosive weapons. I could tank a Boomshot in early waves just once but I wouldn’t survive it later on, inside that Resupply radius. I would just get downed. Same for Salvo, if I got hit by one or two rockets. I would rather straight up avoid getting shot, than spend 3-4 cards centred around Damage Reduction which is rendered almost obsolete because the damage is too high, even with maxed cards.

So from trying Resupply Healing Module, Resupply Amplifer and Resupply Duration, I’ve opted for Hammerburst Damage, Eagle Eyes and Situational Awareness instead. Faster Ult for everyone. Plus, when I give JD my Boomshot, I can roll with HB. It is very good weapon and headshots, enough damage to take down enemies reliably from Wave 1-10.

But do you really use Battle Hardened along with Resupply cards? The explosives aren’t as common as getting shot at with bullets. It would mean no Resupply Amplifier or no Recharged Bounty. But I liked being able to use Ult very often. I could probably try without Radius Amplifier if stayed in one spot.

Explosive damage reductions seem a little pointless to begin with imo, above Intermediate or Experienced. I have only reliably been able to tank explosives using characters with Stim. Like last night I just stood in Salvos or Boomshots with Lizzie and was completely fine.

Makes sense, her indian name is Dances In Salvos, after all.

Im thinking about using Speedloader in Horde i guess it works just like the Longshot-handling Card Fahz has meaning all automatic Reloads are active Shots still want to try that out.

I wish someday Venomcards goin to be active in Horde. Imagen a Mac with Adrenalin Junkie,Barrier Battery, Barrier Feedback, Venom Recharge and Venom Resistance using a Trishot - one hell of a Tank :smile:

I’m just not going to try interpreting what this statement means… did you not have enough Color Blast today or yesterday?

I have considered this but on Master with your own lane, I was doing Reclaimed from inside the barn building in opposite spawn. So I had a Level 4 Locker near me, full of 4 Boomshots. The times where there were loads of traffic or enemies getting tankier, my Boomshots ammo were in red because I had used them too fast. It was taking a while or some more seconds to charge up. So Speed Loader to fire more Boomshot rounds faster? You’re only going to run out of explosive ammo sooner. Unless Venom Explosive Resupply card worked to top up more ammo in next Operation maybe.

Torque Bow could be another alternative to use with Speed Loader since they have 10 rounds arrows. So they don’t run out as fast as Boomshots.

I just realized the salvo is the answer to people asking for a mortar they can blind fire effectively :sweat_smile:

I found the combo of 2 torquebows & 2 boomshots in a locker next to me a fairly effective setup, with Keegan…

But last night, for example, did an Elite run, not a single elite hunter all game. No torquebows…

I’ve been staying away from JD because I viewed him as too easy/obvious, but now I think I want a little of that, too tired of playing characters which would great & lots of fun “only if (fill in the blank)”

The Horde games I see/play, Keegan only has 2 cards of any use to me, explosive bleed and granade capacity…
The others, just don’t make any significant difference. Claw I find better than a HB with card…

Well, eagle eyes if JD has spotter support


Eagle eyes + that other card that reduces Ultimate cool down for any teammate who kills your marked enemy. I think that’s a useful combination even if I cant manage to spot more than 3 enemies at a time. The Situational Awareness card never worked well for me. I’m still struggling to find the usefulness of Keegan’s gold card, the healing resupply. It can only be used about every 7 minutes when the ultimate is ready, and it gives stim and heal for a measly 10 seconds.

It feels like another Escape centric card, where being able to provide some protection to everyone in the reloading ring is great… In horde, doesn’t seem as important…

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TC is it hard to do something fun like this???

Resident Evil 5 & 6 have a clunky gunplay but is fun play this game mode, and Gears supposedly has a more decent gunplay but playing Horde is a pain in the ■■■ in master horde and if you aren’t JD or Kait,

Constant one shot downs, from embar, longshot,

Specially with guardians with tri shots or salvos, is worse on horde frenzy, Swarmak included.

Resident Evil 5 is a masterpiece with excellent gameplay.

Resident Evil 6 is the one with clunky gameplay.


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Its not about shooting it faster its about shooting active Shots faster to deal more dmg. Like i said i still didnt try it out so i dont know if speedloaded booms are active shots. As Fahz using Londshot handeling everytime the Card procs its an Active reload that OSOK Elites on 40+ Master Waves.

I can assure you, this doesn’t work. Me and @AmicableWall421 were trying this out recently. We were seeing if team mate like Fahz could get Speed Loader bonuses. But it didn’t work in team mate, only Keegan himself. And after emptying any weapon active clip like Keegan using perfect active Markza, after 10 active bullets, the next 10 bullets were normal rounds with no damage boost inside Resupply Speed Loader.

im wondering if keegans speedloader reloaded Booms or Dropshots are active shots im wondering if it works the SAME WAY AS FAHZ SKILLCARD LONGSHOT HANDELING. The Part about Balistic Weapons i didnt even know i thouht it was for Explosives Only - interesting!

I fired several Boomshots when I did that testing - they were regular non-active rounds. The only apparent way to get actives in Resupply with maxed Speed Loader as Keegan is to manually reload, but as mentioned before, it only counts for one shot, or one clip, then it’s back to regular rounds.

I havent been around here recently much, too much real life stuff going on, but speaking of ammo. I am playing horde with some friends last nihht, the engineer was a Baird who didnt have the overclock card yet. The weapons reloaded EXTREMELY fast in the lockers… like i put an empty GL into a locker, took a full one out. I would fire my 6 GL round, fairly quickly, and the time i was finished shooting, my next GL was ready! I played the whole game with 2 GLs, 2 Booms , and torque for rotating things between locker slots…

They DEFINITELY increased reload speeds on the loclers. If this is the speed WITHOUT global overclock, i dont think you need that card at all, now… not complaining , just commenting…

Edit: Nevermind, seems you had max rocket capacity.

Not max, but plus 3, yes