Horde's ammo is that mode's "6 shot gnasher", lol

I was replying to another thread and thinking about it, it occurred to me:

The lack of capacity cards and the whole lack of ammo in horde is that mode’s 6 shot versus gnasher!

TC really seems to think that a 6 shot gnasher makes the game more “skillful” and more …“deep”

They really must have taken that attitude with them to Horde!

I recently started to play as Keegan, just to level him up. So here is the question: having a quad locker behind you, filled with boomshots, and shooting 3, changing, shooting 3, changing, shooting 3, changing, shooting 3, changing, etc, etc - is that REALLY that much more skillful than shooting 6, changing, shooting 6, changing, shooting 6, changing, etc?

I say No, not really. But it definitely much LESS FUN! And much more restrictive, re movement around the map, because you basically have enough ammo to kill ONE big enemy, on non trivial diff levels…

It’s annoying AF… This ammo restriction (which, BTW, is NOT expanded using his “ammo capacity” perk, 10% extra ammo gives me 330 claw ammo, but not 11 bolts in the torque bow) basically turns everyone into a stationary turret, just shooting projectiles from a close proximity to the lockers…

IMO it’s stupid, boring, and not fun!

These artificial restrictions, these stupid “skill gaps” which no one actually cares to bridge (ohh, yes, lets load up a game of Master Horde so I can get ever better at switching weapons from a locker between embar shots coming my way) do NOT MAKE THE GAME BETTER. OR FUN.



P.s. I am just waiting for a TC fan boy to jump in, pointing out that JD has explosive capacity cards, therefore my whole point/post is completely wrong, and G5 is a great game, much better than its predecessor. And it has more comfortable seats…


JD has explosive capacity cards, therefore your whole point/post is completely wrong, and G5 is a great game, much better than its predecessor. And it has more comfortable seats.


Yep. The lack of ammo per crate and the slow weapon lockers (without engineers building them) is tiresome.


I kind of feel in the same way about something different relating to Horde. I keep seeing claims from the top end players that Gears 5 Horde is so much more “skillful” because your weapons are peashooters when you don’t play Keegan/JD/Fahz/Kait without using the most powerful options(which still feel lackluster), and you have to rely on fortifications to take health off of enemies… but how does making the game help you play the game equate more skill when enemies are so spongy you are required to use Sentries to take health off from them to have any decent chance at killing them properly, if you don’t have the most powerful characters? I really don’t see it. Instant downs also barely make it feel more difficult. You’re just punished for sticking your head out trying to shoot the enemies in a shooter for anything more than a split second.

And what I also hate is that if you’re not a Kait, JD, Keegan or Fahz you’re almost just a “support” for the “assault” characters which is a load of BS when Gears Horde, to me, if you’re not playing an engineer or Jack, is all about shooting the enemies up… yet when you’re not an “assault” character you’re left with a role that doesn’t seem to be very defined(not undefined as I originally wrote), beyond just being a supportive tool for those supposed to be doing the killing. Booooring. All you’re doing by lowering the damage potential so much is increasing the time spent shooting up the bullet sponges with orbital railgun cannons. Wow, such skill, so great. Not.


Definitely agree with you,if you’re not an engineer, you should be shooting and effectively scoring equally. It usually isn’t until the last 10 waves that engineer start stealing the show, and kudos to them for waiting out the 40 prior waves.
In gears 4 as a sniper I could be MVP non stop. Literally did just that when I loaded it up on Wednesday, using explosive headshot. No need for a weapon locker except to hold an embar incase I randomly died.


Ohh, totally…

Elite level is about where I stay… Insane, but without extra health and extra lethally is ok, too, you can kinda have fun with that… but anything beyond that is just stupid. Constant one shot downs, from embar, longshot, hammerburst, never mind heavy of explosive weapons…

And I fracking hate that dropshot headshots aren’t kills anymore! Fracking guardians and their shields, with regen? I drop many annoying guardians with drop in GoW4, here they just take it, smile, and keep coming…

I played a LOT of Horde and horde like modes (Beast, etc), and the higher difficulty levels of THIS horde, suck. There is nothing fun or enjoyable about it…

You got sentries doing work, you have JD carpet bombing everything, and others just try to get a few trishot bullets out before they get downed…

Honestly, I hate that cards are shares between horde & escape!! I hate it!

Two hours playing horde,and I get a level 3 card: ok, cool. But it’s a VENOM CARD! Completely useless to me!!!


You are very passionate about this game :joy:

You make some good points tho, and yes limited ammo and overall ammo scarcity is something that needs to be addressed. According to TC, it’s something they are addressing in Operation 3.

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Yeah, this game has a lot of potential… There seem to be quite a few things which make me think “seriously, what TF were they thinking?” but those are largely config type issues, not design level, so can be easily tweaked …

I really have no interest in what happens at the top 2 diff levels of Horde, but below that, it can be a really FUN experience, if they just made a few tweaks to characters other than JD and Kait… Those characters are fun NOW. Others, well, on a scale, some a little fun, some barely any, etc…

Keegan, for example - I like playing him, he’s new to me, BUT: the ammo re-fill is largely useless in Horde… Almost no one cares about the bullet ammo, it’s heavy weapons and explosives, MOSTLY. That ultimate is great in Escape, but largely useless in Horde. If he refilled explosive ammo in Horde, THAT would make it useful.

Horde and Escape are VERY different modes, re ammo needs… Anything designed with Escape in mind will be largely useless in higher levels of Horde, I feel… And TC is sooooo paranoid about making ANYTHING “OP”, they can’t make the cards better for Horde, because those same cards would be hugely OP for Escape.

It feels like cards need to have different ‘levels’ a Horde level and an Escape level, with Venom cards working in Horde, at “Horde” levels… I mean, Keegan refilling a boomshot with 2 shots is HUGE in an Escape run… But in Horde? Barely noticeable…


It’s not man … the 8 capacity shotgun would add more fun and versatility towards the game , I would considered to be more “deep” with 8 capacity gnasher.

I stopped playing Horde in Gears 5 because it’s just not a enjoyable as previous Horde experiences, in MY OPINION.

I leveled up Keegan and he will probably be my main character when I come back. But the 3 rounds with the Boomshot, and running back and forth to a WL constantly got old real quick.

Haven’t played since the DBL XP event and won’t come back until the next update. Hopefully it will make some decent changes that will make it more enjoyable, for me.

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Imagine making a post to complain about horde ammo, when they’ve already said they are going to address the horde ammo feedback.

I’ve been playing Keegan lately myself. I have a lot of fun with him if and when I can find a torque bow. If I’m lucky, I’ll have 2 torque bows and 1 or 2 boomshots on a level 4 locker. I pick off enemies with the t-bow and I’ll switch to the boomshot to break a bastian’s shield or maybe to inflict some heavy bleeding damage on a scion. A slavo is nice to have for a guardian or sentinel that is invading the base. The torque bow is great because it has a pretty good ammo capacity of 10 rounds and you get explosive bleed damage off it if you have that skill card equipped. For all the rounds before I am able to find a torque bow, I mostly use snub (with damage boosting skill card.) I might use boomshot if I have a locker or if there are no other players who need the ammo boxes more than I do.

I got my Keegan to level 16 last night. I was so disappointed over his gold card: stim while supplying ammo. I would much prefer if he had a card to increase boomshot capacity or to cause his ammo resupply to also provide ammo for explosive weapons.

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If we stopped making posts about game problems TC said they will “look into”, “address” or “fix” at some point in the future, we’d have nothing left to talk about… Only praise would be left…

Ohh, wait… ahhhh, ok, I see your point/plan :wink:

Not the same thing. They have directly stated they are making changes to the ammo economy in op3.

Complaining about it all the way there is just redundant. Wait for the changes, then see if you still have complaints.

Yes, once it’s fixed, we’ll praise the changes.

Until it’s not fixed to how we like it, it’s not fixed… They don’t get the credit for fixing something until it’s actually fixed… and they don’t get a complete pass on every stupidity they put into the game just because they SAID they would “fix” it…

Too many times their “fix” just revived the #revert movement…

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Nothing you said has any relevance to the point of the fact that complaining about something that they have said they are changing is pointless, redundant, and actually really childish.

They are already relenting to the feedback on ammo.

Wait and see what the changes are, then make more complaints if you aren’t satisfied. Complaining all the way till the changes happen just makes negativity for no reason.


Like Mr. Wolf @anon32088142 said before well check the fixes and see if all checks out… if it does @Omen_LP I guess we won’t have anything to complain about… and well start doing “performance art” on these forums or drawing contests hahahahaha :smile:

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His gold Card is pure Gold for Horde, really good Support for everybody 30% Less Dmg taken and 200% faster healing helps alot

I think horde has too much ammo already, I’m being serious too. The lockers make for infinite spams.

I’d like to see a different approach next time, like plenty of pickups but ya got to survive getting them or a more risk/reward way of the eng supplying the team

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