Horde XP/rewards/etc. broken right now?

I just finished a wave 36 horde match and I only got 75xp, 1 skill card, and a tiny bit of supply meter. I had a lvl 2 Del when I started and he went up like 5% of the meter.

I was trying to level up Del to use him in the new horde event. But TC had other plans for me.

This is the third time I’ve wasted an hour or so on this game this past few weeks where it was totally worthless.

Has it broken again? With the update it immediately appeared to break XP Earnings (wasted 2 Full Horde games on that), but was working fine for me yesterday. Haven’t played since though, but maybe I just got lucky and got my XP In a brief window when it was working or something. Mind you my weapon skins and so on haven’t been working either even when the XP Was working.

For all these progression bugs they need to seriously reimburse us with something.


Hell, I haven’t been reimburse from the 5th of this month as far as XP or Cards for JD & Lahni. Advance/Elite Horde and an X amount of attempts on The Surge (Master Difficulty).

I just hit level 4 with Del and I got a bunch of XP and stuff like usual, except I didn’t get the skill card that comes with that level.

What the hell is even going on?

Everything was working earlier today but started a game over an hour ago & noticed that our xp levels weren’t changing, we quit after wave 26 and got one skill card :rage:.

The same thing happend to me 2 weeks ago, never got reimbursed.

Emailed support twice , no reply.

It is working fine for me today, I guess its luck of the draw buddy!

Finished 20 full games in Terminator event playing Jack. I leveled up him from 1 to 10 and recieved zero cards for him.

When you say 20 Full games do you mean waves, or actually games. I’m surprised you’d keep playing it with no cards dropping, I know I found it hard to want to continue after just the first game with no cards! xD

The Terminator event has always been broken about not rewarding skill cards. It’s the main reason I haven’t been playing the event .

See I’ve played standard Horde (as has the OP According to the thread) and not got cards. Haven’t even touched this Terminator thing at all, don’t really care about it (who woulda thunk).

Broke today, broke yesterday, broke the day before. Exciting.

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What’s going on out there, I’ve been playing horde since 6th September and never had a problem with horde, am I just lucky or what, the only thing I’ve had problems with are people I’ve been playing with being idiots, I had some trouble in mp earlier in 1 game and that’s it, I don’t usually play mp just usually horde

I have this problem only now after this update. Before was everything good except of course EU servers

I’m in the UK and don’t have any problems in horde, so far,