Horde would benefit from a GOW 1/2-style Ally DBNO indicator

Horde in Gears 5 can get pretty intense and chaotic, so it’s sometimes not that easy to notice that your teammate has been downed. I feel like that sort of popup would benefit a lot of players, including myself.

If it bothered you then there could simply be an option for it.

Sweet and simple.


I miss the old DBNO indicator. It needs to make a return. Its hard to see the + sign sometimes when in battle. This goes for pvp as well.

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I completely agree because somehow people don’t see the other 4 or 5 ways the game tells you a teammate is down.

The killfeed tells you who went down and what downed them.

Tac/com tells you the health of your teammates and if one is down.

Medic symbol above a downed teammate. This sometimes doesn’t show up for some reason so I understand not seeing this.

Your teammates character’s blood hurdling screams of them being downed or their characters screaming “i need help”

If youre in a party, you literally telling people that you are down and somehow they do not hear you.

Yes. Some people are very unaware and what you suggested would be very helpful. A “help me, im downed” voice emote that can only be activated while you are down would be helpful as well.




Or you can simply keep yelling youre down as if we had a cog gear that game :wink:

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A Popup would really help, because some Players don’t even notice you’re down after crawling next to them and all they need to do is press X. :rofl:


Even when I’m playing Combat Medic and half my job is watching for when people go down, I still sometimes miss that someone is down because something else is demanding my attention. I get embarrassed anytime it happens.

I remember even on the old Gears 3 forums people were offhandedly asking for a return to Gears 2’s Tac Com, so maybe they should entertain the idea in Gears 6.

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@WickedlyInocent ^

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In the heat of battle that has happened to all of us @ one point or another no matter how good we think we are.Snipers obviously are the worst for this as well as people manning turrets in G4. Are there turrets in G5?

Either way I bet it has happened to you too in the past. Feel free to deny however :stuck_out_tongue:

Honesty right here …

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Mechanic gets to summon one as its ult. That’s the extent of that fort in 5s Horde. Unless you count the horribly placed turrets on Abyss that are so exposed they’re 100% useless as soon as you start doing anything more than low difficulty runs.

Ah so you G5 folks should consider yourselves lucky. As there was Sentry & Turret spams! Not to mention Salvo spam too. I think the Salvo was nerfed in G5 right? Funny how Turrets were removed from the Fabricator & not MG Sentries.

Sentries got a major nerf compared to Gears 4. Engineers can’t win the game by themselves anymore.

Hard to say is Salvo is really nerfed in 5 compared to current state Salvo in Gears 4, where TC supposedly nerfed its damage by 12% in the June or July 2017 Horde update but more like cut its damage in half.

Also what the above post says. Even if Sentries could still single handedly clear waves, the first Matriarch or Bastioned Warden that comes along will wreck them. Especially the Matriarch.