Horde - Who is more valuable between Clayton or Cog gear?

In my opinion they both are great to have in the team. Very valuable for different reasons.

Clayton is best for guardians and bosses (not flock). Clayton can give everyone faster recharge ultimate ability which is best used for Kait in later waves so she can cloak more often, but overall it benefits everyone in the team.

Cog gear is best for keeping everyone alive, give everyone the stim. In additional, best for bringing back broken fortifications. I’ve seen lot of times where Matriarch/Swarmak/scion boomshot destroy the fortifications and the engineer doesn’t have enough power to rebuild everything. This is where cog gear, where I feel is important.

So who do you value more? Clayton or Cog gear?


This question is far too simplistic. It all depends on the rest of the team. If you have decent offence characters in the team then Clayton’s role is less important because they’ll be able to kill most enemies without needing his stun abilities. But if you have fewer offence characters then Clayton would be more useful because it buys your team time to actually do the killing.


I agree with @Bleeding_Pepper but from a playing standpoint between the two, I pick Clayton easily (my Clayton is level 9 and my Cog Gear is 17 for reference). Cog Gear is not fun to play. It is actually unbelievably boring playing Cog Gear imo

Both characters are good but the one problem i have with the COG Gear is that he is to weak.
Jack is a much stronger healing character than he.
If your team gets overrunned in higher difficulties the 10s healing and the yellow stim cards are to weak.

I have two ideas to make him stronger:
1st - the 10s healing after revive is changing to 10s immunity like claytons card, but for all revived, or
2nd - he gets a healing pistol which shoots the yellow beam like jack.

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Definitely Carmine. I used my ult as cog gear to revive 3 people who were downed on Inconceivable. (My gear is lvl 17 and Get Up is lvl 4) One immediately went right back down, the other went down trying to save the first guy, and the last went down running for cover. His ability is borderline worthless. Sure the stim headshots are nice but it only works if you or your team is 100% health, and usually JD kills most if the enemies so Healing Bounty isn’t really worth it. I remember Dana and the PvE guy at TC said the gear is getting a new legendary card that if a downed player is within a certain distance of an enemy that the gear kills, it revives the player. That sounds good in theory but if the gears damage output isn’t changed then that too is no good


Clayton after Tuesday. He is going to be a beast out there!

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To be fair, I rather have a card that brings back dead players (like in 4).

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Yea that can come in some clutch moments on saving a run.

Also, whatever anyone thinks the answer is right now, may well change their mind tomorrow, when all the new cards and rebalancing changes take place. Apparently Cog Gear is getting a really cool new card. Can’t remember what they said it did on the stream on Friday, but it was enough to pique my interest.

It’ll be fun re-learning different combinations of characters and cards, after tomorrow’s update.

Could be minutes actually lol. Patch notes any minute will tell us mostly everything

My Clayton is only like lvl 12. From my understanding the CoG is a weaker version of Jack. Jack doesn’t need his ult charged to rez someone. Even though CoG can get his ult back pretty quick with grenades. The stim is nice but CoG isn’t going to be getting kills with a pistol on masters. I wonder if the next big update will he be able to buy a boltok from the fabricator? It would be nice if the stim card worked with that but I’m pretty sure it says “snub”. When I’m using a tri shot I love it when I get healed for killing a target I marked. His rez skill feels like it should have had Claytons grace period. The dmg resistance and stim upon rez just isn’t enough if your taking fire. I’ve seen people get rezzed and get dropped before they could roll. Immunity would have been more practical.
Clayton on the other hand feels like he offers more support than CoG. I started using the grenades stun people and it is AMAZING with a salvo. I can stun lock anything. JD loves it when I stop a Kestrel or a guardian so he can bring the rain. I haven’t had time to experiment with the “dmg taken reduces teams ult” but I hear it’s good. Still not quite sure how taunt works but the more they are shooting me the better. I made a stump kill itself with the reflect. My issue with his ult is it feels like it doesn’t last too long but your damn near invincible while it’s active.
I feel both are good but I do not know if one is superior since I haven’t unlocked all of Clayton’s perks. Yet /evil genius laugh

COG Gear’s Helpful Headshots stim card hasn’t required the Snub to use or teammates nearby for a while now. It’s any headshot.

Speaking of the Healing Bounty card, does it actually work? Whenever someone gets a kill on a target I marked, their healthbar on the Tac-Com doesn’t budge.

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Nice. I’ve been out of it for awhile. Been playing other games.

“Stim Grenade” But in my personal opinion, only Sophia can use it. Or should. At best, give it to the Medic Class.

Hmm, then I guess it’s just a visual bug with the UI. Unlike Jack’s healing beam which cannot heal targets that are already regenerating health on their own, which hurts a lot when Regen Penalty is on.

Edit: Having read the OP4 patch notes, turns out I had a good hunch and the card didn’t work properly for teammates. Funny.

Clayton for sure, he has a bleeding card, and his abilities gonna bite after the update too!


Agreed. Clayton is already a very useful character as it is, but from how the new cards were described he will become even more useful. He sounds like the biggest winner so far.


Clayton easy. His only real downside was Ultimate duration which will be fixed with his new perks. He’s amazing with stun on everything except Flock, Ult recharge is fantastic but only when your team knows that you’re running that card, more often than not my team doesn’t.
COG’s only buff we know of is the new card which will revive for kills in close proximity, which sounds cool but is useless on high level where the rest of your team is trying so hard to wipe everything quickly and your damage is basically nothing. His Ult is useless without some immunity on revival, if you’re not close enough to the base or cover, you’re going down in a couple of seconds.

He has “overdoing it” card

Health regen is not the same as immunity.