Horde.. which one was our favorite after playing four of them?

exactly right , Legends of the Fall is a Majestic movie ahead of its time just like Gears of War 3 horde, you have to agree with me on that… .

I really hate Nielsen movies , but yes Gears 5 horde its not even funny now…

So how do you guys think Gears 5 horde will be in OP4?Any ideas?Or will it all just be the same old BS?

Everyone lives the OG Gears 2 horde, but Ive seen very few people able to explain why: because there were no fortifications or upgrades. It was just you, the map, the enemies and a “makeshift” fort made of shields at best. The fun of OG Gears horde and OG Gears multiplayer in general was always in the movement.

Epic and now TC never figured out one simple truth: Gears of War is not a cover shooter - its a fighting game. The only reason this franchise is getting worse is because they keep trying to force cover shooter mechanics when in reality, that failed a long time ago. They need to adopt the cqc meta the fans developed when the cover mechanics turned out to be a borefest.

Best: Gears of War 2 and 3
Worst: Gears 5

Gears 5 is at the bottom for me because of 2 things:

  1. Skill Card RNG

  2. No duplicate Heroes

They’re like 2 big “No Fun Allowed” flags planted in the ground


Gears 3 horde was by far the best, introduced a lot of new elements while keeping to its core, but this also comes down to other factors too. Great maps and lots of them, character choices, unilateral upgrades, DLC updates, mutators etc.

Gears 2 horde was great too just limited. And recall most late waves, at least when I played turned into boom shield and boltok runs.

The problem with TC’s attempts at horde, at least in my opinion is two fold. They are too restrictive in game play style they want you to play how they intend. And the it is woefully grindy. In both you depend on RNG, 4 required awful loot boxes, and five has an awful scrap and reward system. Plus character leveling is slow as hell, unless you can run them on escape.

Judgements survival doesnt count for me, and although it was somewhat fun at first, it wasnt a scratch on any of the other. Very restrictive. Judgement as a whole was too much of a developer telling us they knew what we wanted, hell right from the first reveal the forums said it wasn’t

Oh my bad but yeah i liked survival a lot too even though it was 10 waves


Remember in gears 2 how they gave us the Road to Ruin DLC ?18(I think or somewhere near that number) maps for free along with an extra campaign chapter that was very unique in its way own way.Gears 5 in the other hand “Hmmmm…So older gears games gave out ■■■■ for free,we won’t but we’ll balance it out by making a brand new map every 3 months and a crappy remake as well that no one will like.” Amazing right?

Gears 4, Gears 3, Gears 5, Judgement Survival, Gears 2.

Wait a minute…are you saying gears 2 horde was garbage?

No. I just played it the least.

It’s hard to go back and play now because of the movement.

I’m a big proponent of Gears 2 UE with slicked up movement.

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Oh ok ,Gears 2 was so simplistic yet had so much replay ability and all of the maps of course.


Gears 2 DLC was paid wasn’t it? Apart from flashback which came with all new copies? Day one though was a great horde map :ok_hand:

Tc seems to be really believe that making something more complicated and convoluted makes it better (escalation, horde, etc).

They also think that unless it"s a stupidly one sided battle against OP weapons and sponge enemies, it is not “skillfull”

Gears 3, Gears 4 and Gears 2.

Gears 5 is the absolute worst. All because of the hero system that should have never been implemented in the first place. Plus the poor rng for earning epic and legendary skill cards surely isn’t helping it either.

I guess ill play the devils advocate here.

Horde as a whole of what it was meant to be was in GOW2. Where it was a try and survive for as long as you can style of play.

However, GOW3 added new elements that made it feel more fun and changed what Horde was. Instead of the betting your friends how long you could last in GOW2, GOW3 made it a true game mode with Mutators and the like.

GOW4 as a presentation was my personal fav so far, only due to the class system. Not sure if its because of a military background or what, but I liked the idea of the COG in designed roles, well since they are a military force.

GOW5 could be the best yet. As it could add a legend Horde mode that brings back the GOW2 style. Where you just have to survive for as long as you can. And if they ever fix this broken Hero system and possibly add the option for our own Gear creation, then it would in my mind far surpass any previous entry’s.

The potential is there. Only time will tell. :slight_smile:

I think the better question is which horde people are currently playing.

If all these haters are still playing 5 well then they obviously don’t hate it that much or they would be playing one of the others.

I think 5 is easily the best and it’s not even close by a long margin. People tend to forget that each of those other hordes also had forums filled with people hating on them as much as they are now hating on 5 and will surely hate on the next one.

Well, If I was a Dev and saw the Hate, I would see it as a sign of how much people love my product.

For people to come on here and say there pain towards this game is because they love Gears, not because they want to post hate. Many people forget this.

So, if more people could understand this, then we as a community would also be more helpful to each other. This was the foundation of me starting the guides for Horde. I personally love Gears and this community.

There will always be complaints, that’s life. Lets just not forget why they are really being said in the first place.:slight_smile:

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Honestly, compared to versus and escape… the XP you get on horde in gears 5 is why i play it. Beat 50 waves with a boost on and bam! You go up like, 10 levels or more.

Its just too slow in gears 5 and they always keep it at 1000xp per level unlike the other gears of war games.

Strictly speaking, Escape gives you more XP per hour than a Horde match. Especially if playing solo and going for ribbons.

And just wait till you get to higher Reups(well, relatively speaking, considering how slow things get at around Reup 16-20), assuming you even get there before they change ‘em. No more “10 levels per Horde run” on any difficulty.