Horde.. which one was our favorite after playing four of them?

It has to be Gears 4 Horde for me, in no small part due to the disappointment with 5s hero rubbish… and that I never got any real experiences with 2 Horde and never played 3s, so 4 was my first with it. I thought it was much more fun than 5s overcomplicated system and “balance” that results in 1-3 damage dealers and everyone else spamming either Tri-Shots or being Jack or an engineer.

It was op fun. With a shield and a gorgon, you could solo a lot of waves.

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I’m with you on this one. I had fun with gears 2 & 3 horde but never played as much as 4.

I’m still having a blast playing it almost daily!

I was bored of gears 5 horde within a couple months.


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I played the earlier hordes, all of them… I think i liked GoW4 the best. I like the specialized classes which were actually strong… I liked the chsllenge of killing guardians with dropshots… Killing scions with torque headshots…

G5’s horde is pathetic, filled with artificial complications, contradictions, huge imbalances leading to virtually everyone everyone turning into a trishot hero by the end, misleading and intentionally nerfed “skills” which selectily dont apply to elements they should clearly apply to, a stupid card rng system with no visible reason behind it, etc, etc.

G5 has the best graphics, worst gameplay of all past Gears games.



Gears 5 is best, then gears 3, gears 2 and gears 4.

Church :+1::wink:

If they had a way to add in a classic horde variant (which would basically be horde 1.0) to Gears 5, that would be amazing. Best of both worlds.

I first thought gears 4 horde was bad but after replaying it I can confirm that it is definitely better than gears 5 horde.Still wonder what changes they will make to gears 5 horde.Will they change the hero system or remove it completely?

From what I’m gathering, hopefully TC can find a way to mix 1.0 & 2.0 together somehow.

Hmmmm,so you mean trying to go back to the days of glory?

Truth is that so far Epic totally owns the Horde mode. Maybe that will change with 5.0?

Gears 3. Introduction of boss battles was brilliant!

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Gears 2 horde it took along time to get the wings,Didn’t touch PVP,but it did have a tutorial,which helped me a lot,First Gears game on release

Gears of War 3 was the best and my favourite.


I like four and five the best but, gears three had some cool ideas with the command post strikes and silver back. They should add a classic horde for the people who liked one and two but imo 3,4,5 blow one and two out of the water. 4 lacked enemy variety though which was a bummer. Three definitely had the most enemies. My literal only feedback for five is to add enemies who use pistols so I can use a Boltok more often.

I started with Horde 2.0, really enjoyed the enemy variants on Gears 3, Lambent Berserkers were some challenging bosses. (8.4/10)

Gears J with overrun was awesome too. The first Game to introduce character specific roles which changed up how to survive the waves, however this was limited and didn’t allow freedom to do whatever you want. (7.1/10)

I personally love Horde 3.0, they took everything wrong with Gears J and made it so much better. The freedom to build a base wherever you wanted, the improved character roles and the skill cards were an amazing addition too. The character rooster was also amazing too. Too bad it didn’t include RAAM shadow characters. (9.5/10)

With the many improvements in Gears 4 demonstrated the potential that Gears 5 can only improve on however this wasn’t the case instead we went 5 steps backwards. I do like Horde 4.0 a lot of the skills cards in Gears 5 are really awesome. It just sucks that there isn’t much freedom with characters with the locked abilities. The inability to buy any weapon, not being able to build any fortifications you want also sucks, characters being overpowered or underwhelming, stupid AIs, aimbot enemies and of course the infuriating bugs. (5. 9/10)

comparatively speaking

GOW 3 horde is:

Gears 5 horde is:

I don’t know if you agree with me: @Duffman_GB


J’s version of Horde, was Survival, not overrun mate :ok_hand::+1: you are right though in as much as TC obviously liked the class system implemented in that mode and used it as a “kicking off” point in 3.0

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What are you trying to say with that? One Horde is the real “serious” deal while the other is just a comedy show? At least Nielsen was funny. Not sure how much or often I can say that about Gears 5 Horde…