Horde: What is the best way to farm blue (rare) skill cards?

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has a good method of getting the blue (rare)skills cards while playing Horde.
I can get every other card easily enough, even 5 gold cards in one master run many times and it will never be 5 blues, in any combination on the lower difficulties i cannot seem to find or have overlooked a way were the rewards give a greater likelihood of blues in return.

If there is a method to do this in Escape i would be happy to hear this too. I am well behind on blue cards and have plenty of green, purple and gold.

Surge on insane is a straight run to the finish line and should net you some blue cards. Clock on inconcievable is easy enough and will get you some blue cards for sure. I did these to max out lizzie and it worked pretty well but be warned it can be a grind and will require multiple attempts.

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As above - Surge on insane; or The Clock on Inconceivable are your most reliable methods.

Don’t be surprised if you end up maxing out your legendary gold card first though - it’s just the way probability works as most characters have something like 5 or 6 blue/rare cards, so even if one drops the odds of getting a specific one is 1 out of 5-6.

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I found Surge on Insane to be the easiest, got into a 5+ game run with a few players and done it every time, thanks for the advice, by far the quickest method i have seen.

A tip some people don’t realise:

Finishing Escape on advanced gives an extra card, insane gives two extra cards and master gives 3 extra cards.

I have found that a competent group of 3 farming on insane will give you decent rewards over time due to the reasonable chance of getting each skill category and also giving you more total drops.

That’s the reason why I play The Clock on Master so I can maximize my cards. Plus, playing it on Master, is just as easy as completing other levels. Don’t even have to have a perfect team. So you’re always maximizing yours cards.


You still want a team that knows what they are doing. I play with a lot of various people and some play 99% versus and don’t get escape (as well as not having leveled cards). I wouldn’t want to carry them through master runs.

But agreed, if you have a good team its easy enough to blitz through the clock or my favourite, the choke.

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I don’t have a problem carrying teams through The Clock because it’s easy. As long as you, at least, no the concept some you’ll be able to beat The Clock.

I’m ranked 55 on The Clock Masters, and that’s with 99% of the time hosting my own lobbies. So, I play with a bunch of randoms all the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that if your at least decent you can beat it.

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In my opinion The Clock is the easiest Hive out of all of them at this point in time. I think alot of people I know share this view too. If I were to pick up top 5 easiest Escape Hives on Master difficulty it would be:

  1. The Clock
  2. The Hive
  3. Corruption
  4. Melee Brawl
  5. The Trap

This is based on how things are right now. I know some Hives have changed and tweaked; and new characters added making some easier compared to when they first launched so this is based on this point in time.

Also I’ve not included Forever just because it varies so much depending on whether you get the glitchy (non)spawns or not.


Woosh… All them replies went over my head lol.
I’ve only played about the first 5 maps on escape.
Never even got above intermediate ( 2nd difficulty).
I got to start playing it though and might try the click one over the weekend.
Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the mode but when playing public it’s like everyone goes separate ways and I just pick one to follow and shoot enemies lol.

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