Horde weapons that I would bring back

I want to know what weapons would you bring back from previous gears to finally get your hands on horde? Or you wouldn’t bother?.. Please let me know which one I missed out.

Flamethrower, Gorgon pistol, Digger, boom shield or hammer of dawn.

My opinion would be Digger would be great addition back to gears 5, I really liked that weapon on horde and versus (versus mainly). I prefer this as a starting weapon for the new class. Hammer of dawn weapon can be used as ultimate ability (in my opinion) in the new character/class for couple of seconds where you could aim down sight. Like for example Lizzie’s silver is used for a while.

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Roll in the Cleaver and the Sawed off shotgun too.
I’ve love to one hit a scion with the sawed off like I could with the guy that had the boomshield.
The cleaver I suppose is a poor mans breaker mace (like the pipe) except it did a ton more damage (or enemies weren’t all bullet sponges back then).

Boomshield !! it was a good thing in GW 2 , I would like to try it with Cole hahahahah… as he says “can’t stop this sh.t”
Hammer of dawn would be game changer, overpower weapon against regular enemies in horde maybe but it can be online for Horde bosses perhaps… who don’t missed the smell of Berserker ??

anyway good points mate

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Mortars, mortars, mortars.


I don’t think I would be running around with Cleaver on master difficulty, not unless I’m getting 100% damage resistance lol. However saying that, on lower difficulty it would be lot of fun.

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Vulcan-Gorgon :sunglasses:

Boomsheild changes the game like nothing else. So that

All I want to make me happy is the Gears 3 Hammerburst. I loved that thing and was devastated when it didn’t come back to GOWJ, 4 or 5.

Hammer of Dawn would work fine - it would make a good ultimate for maybe Hoffman, Minh or Bernie if they came back as heroes.

I second this motion, as long as we don’t get enemies raining down hell on us and insta wrecking fortifications with it. Mortars were fun to use, albeit maybe slightly redundant as the Lancer GL(or “Freedom Lancer” for those guys) is basically a mini mortar with less punch to it and more movement flexibility for the user. Not quite so fun to evade(and a reason why I don’t want GL armed enemies unless they only rarely or never use its rockets, unless you know how to evade all those small explosives spreading over a wide area in ways other than to hide under low ceilings - mortars were at least slow to come back down so it was not as hard to avoid their large area coverage).

Even if they only brought it back as an ult, where you get to use it until its ammo is depleted after activation, or in the Canpaign(if we’re talking Gears 6), still would be nice to have. But I’m not expecting to see it in Gears 5. Perhaps the One Shot or the Markza with scope could be brought in… although I do not know how balanced the former would be given that it one shot kills the majority of targets it hits. Not seeing why we can’t have a scoped Markza though, I sure as hell would take it(or the Breechshot) over the current one.

Yes, I forgot about mortars. And I completely forgot about oneshot. I still remember when I use to get 3/4 kills in a row on drydock :sweat_smile:

what about the stem grenade I miss that one but the digger wound not go with the story because all the hollow creatures went extinct in gears three the ammo for the digger was a hollow creature.