Horde. Weapon Swapping with the A.I

I was reading a Post made some time ago, about how Horde is dying, con not remember its true, or full name, but in there some where someone was complaining about the lack of Lancers.

So, why can you not trade your own weapon with the A.I.

I think this would be a great idea. Although i do wonder if it could be abused, i mean, i swap my weapon for a Lancer, chuck it on a Weapons Locker and store it, get the A.I. deliberately killed to take another till i have a full Weapons Locker. Those poor, near useless A.I.

Anyone else think this a good, or great idea. Also, The Coalition, what do you think.


It would help 100%my friend anything to get equal with those elites,They are getting better then me Sadly with me using the claw,it takes ages to reload.

The Claw…

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Get Jack to trade them a hijacked HB or Claw and watch them destroy everything.