Horde weapon dropping gone but what about trading?

I knew in gow4 there was a option in some modes to trade weapons with other players but i haven’t been able to test this in gears 5 yet,so is this possible and in horde as well?Maybe if you can’t find a enemy dropped gun you want you could trade with the class that could buy you one from the fab.When it comes to dropping weapons in horde how is buying someone a power weapon to use cheating,TC beats us over the head with the it a team game message,well helping by buying a team mate better weapons seem like being helpful.

I dont understand why we cant buy any weapon we want considering the limited options the enemy uses. If you want a chainsaw you need to play as marcu or cog and hope someone will trade with you.

You can trade weapons still. Often a Del will give Kait his overkill because that’s the best weapon for her. Both people need to be standing still to get the option. If someone is moving it’s very finicky.

Classic Shino lol

Yea you can trade weapons just not at the moment with the weapon glitch. I believe it will be fixed in the next update

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You can trade weapons directly with another player - so you can hand a weapon directly to another player by hard aiming and pressing B, just you can’t drop it for them. The drop function has been disabled. I didbit several times the day before yesterday in Horde.

But yes, classic Shino!

Yeah, I almost never see anyone even bother. Most weapon exchanges I see happen via lockers. It’s just less fussy.

I don’t think “trade” is the more accurate term here,more like “steal”.


Lol. Fair enough.

Some knobhead stole my Lancer GL yesterday. So I threw shock grenade after shock grenade at him to stun him, and he eventally got downed by enemy fire. Then I humped him and left.

Moral of the story? Crime doesn’t pay. If you do the crime, you do the time!

Taking a Lancer is fine temporarily, it’s only sh*tty if they clearly plan on keeping it.

Heh. They just kept it on their back. They didn’t even use it. And it was the only Lancer GL at that point so I had nothing to use. :smiley:

Yeah, that guy sucks. He deserved what you did.

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