Horde waves not getting credit for

I am not getting my horde waves accounted for in tracking to get the studio skins. Anyone know what’s going on or having this problem also? And also how do I fix this?

The website tracks them but it doesnt display. You also need to play on normal or above (which is stated) and with at least one other player (which is not stated for some reason).

If the website doesnt display, how are we ever supposed to claim the reward when it wont show as completed?

I heard, that you should be in a full group (friends or LFG), but random queue does not count.

P.S. I see 0/200 in my account too.

It finally seems to be fixed. Go to the page again and refresh it. My completed waves are showing in the tracker now.

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It changes the grey button text and allows you to claim it.

This is untrue. As long as it’s not solo it counts. I did almost all of my waves in a team of three