Horde wave enemy progression

Have we seen anything on whether or not horde will have the same “flow” of enemies in ten wave sets? As in, waves 1, 11, 21, 31, and 41 were always the same enemies just with different poisons.

My opinion, this predictable progression led to what I think a lot of people frequently overlook as a problem (if you wanna call it that) in horde. As in, due to the progression here it always felt like, for example, waves 26/27/28/29 were WAY harder than 31/32/33/34 just because of the monster types and density. This meant, for a 50 wave run, you spent MOST of the game completely cruising and that’s kind of frustrating.

This has always irked me.

I have long wanted a system where its 1 endless wave, and have a timer based system which slowly increases the pool of allowable enemies, the amount of enemies onscreen and how aggressive they are.

Add in Diablo style Champion, Rare, and Unique enemy variations and i would be in Heaven.

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It would already be a MASSIVE improvement to not have 5-6 waves consisting of 90% Juvies and Trackers for easy engi sentry cannon fodder which the rest of the team can hardly shoot before the Sentries mow them down, unless a decoy is out of Sentry range.

YES ABSOLUTELY! There are too many waves that are just too easy. I don’t mind the OCCASIONAL wave that is just a bomb of juvies and trackers, but if you do 50 waves you’re probably getting 5 or 6 of these waves and it’s just not fun, and it’s certainly not difficult unless you just kinda get lazy and get overtaken because you weren’t paying attention.

Give me a better progression!