Horde Wave 50 not worth the time

100% needs a rework for xp spent an hour just to go from level 11 to level 16,

They need to add back Horde Bounty’s and make modes for Horde such as Horde 15 /Horde 30 and have bounty’s for going to them waves what reward 10k XP or something as its current state is not worth the time-Xp gains.

I have no issue levelling up all the different Characters but i dont want to sit in for an hour to get a small amount of XP.

The mode lacks proper customisation IMO perks seem boring and in general just does not seem like Gears 4s Horde what was miles better and was good for XP.

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Yea I also miss 25 waves from gow4 :frowning:

I’ve just done all 50 for nothing, error getting stats at end of match screen…


I don’t feel like the perks added much difference at all. I did 50 waves last night and upgraded all perks. (I’m talking about the ones in game you spend power on using the Y button)
But I didn’t feel like they made much difference to game play.

I like the new system. There is an error for 50 waves right now but haveing bountys for 20 and 30 waves caused to many people to bail early. Disliked this option.

The time -XP gains is awful having no bounty’s was a HUGE MISTAKE